Why Use Kraft Paper Bags

Learn more about the benefits of bags made of this smooth brown paper.

Importance of using a kraft paper bags.

Kraft paper bags have been used by many businesses in various industries. In the jewelry industry, they make perfect packaging for a jewelry set box or even a little ring box. This week, we are turning the spotlight to our kraft paper bags and discuss why continually using them for your after-purchase packaging is the wisest decision you’ve ever made as a business.

Here are the benefits of using kraft paper bags:


Shopping and using a krafted paper bag.
Kraft paper bags are recyclable and reusable. They are non-polluting and easily get decomposed. Kraft paper bags are also in line with national environmental standards, so you sure are helping to save the environment with each use. And unlike plastic, they are non-toxic, so they help cut down waste as well.

High-quality paper

Used a krafted paper bag while shopping.
Kraft paper does not tear easily as it is a kind of strong wrapping paper. They are sturdy enough to carry small items like an earring display or bigger and slightly heavier ones like a necklace display or an acrylic cosmetic organizer. However, avoid getting them in contact with water because as with any paper, kraft will tear.

Romantic old-world feelShop Wholesale XY55912 Kraft Paper Gift Bags

Brown bags somehow give you that old-world romantic feel. It reminds of old books, Parisian afternoons, long-stemmed roses, and old Hollywood films. Filigree patterns like that in the photo above add a more vintage feel to it. This aesthetic quality of these kraft bags makes them perfect for vintage-inspired shops and brands.

Great with prints

Importance of using a krafted paper bag.
Unlike with plastic, the print on kraft bags seems to look more chic and classy. It is not too shiny nor is it too dull. Printing on these bags don’t need to be in full color as well, because even the simplest logo, pattern, or text would look great on them. As a result, you save on printing costs as well.

Free advertisement

Why is it important to use a krafted paper bag.
And because you can print out your brand’s logo on the bag, you get free advertisement every time a customer reuses it. This free advertising starts the second your customer exits your store. You can also opt to print your social media channels in bigger text so people will be sure to check out your pages or website.


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