Why Use Burlap Linen Displays

Here are the reasons why these displays are one of the best types to use.

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One thing that makes a jewelry shop stand out is how they display their items for sale. The display should catch the passers-by’s eyes the second they turn their heads to your shop. That said, investing in good displays should be a part of any jewelry brand’s marketing strategy.

Jewelry displays come in many styles, colors, and sizes. One popular material today is the burlap linen. Burlap is a woven fabric made from sisal fibers or the skin of the jute plant and combined with other fibers. What you get then is an earthy-colored fabric. This week, we are highlighting burlap linen displays and why they make great displays.


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Burlap linen is eco-friendly because it’s made from sustainable materials. It is also more organic in nature, disposable, and biodegradable. Although it has these qualities, it doesn't mean that they are not durable. In fact, the natural fibers are great against weathering and will last for years.

Makes jewelry stand out

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The earthy color of burlap linen displays allows it to make any jewelry piece stand out. This is especially true if these pieces are adorned with multi-colored crystals or gray or black finish. Also, the burlap linen ’s light color makes it more visible to people as it’s easier to see, compared to dark-colored ones.

Perfect for rustic and vintage styles

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Burlap is considered as an integral component of any rustic or vintage themed style. This is because it evokes the style and simplicity of nature. Burlap is also used in rustic chic weddings or home decor. That said, burlap linen displays are the ones to use if you are going for rustic themed shop interior or want to add some vintage charm to your store.

Goes well with any shop interior decor

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Although they may be perfect with the rustic theme, burlap linen goes well with basically any shop interior decors. This is because they tend to perfectly combine with any color palette without looking too heavy or cluttered. And as mentioned earlier, burlap linen reminds of the simplicity of nature, so it’s easy to match with any shade or theme.

Available in many designs

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Burlap linen jewelry displays are available in so many designs. You can get a T-bar, a tray, an earring display stand, a necklace display bust, and even a display set for all types of jewelry pieces. There is so much to choose from so you sure are going to be able to pick one that fits your shop’s needs.


Whether it’s for your personal collection or your store, NileCorp.com has a wide array of selections for your jewelry display needs.


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