The Best Displays for Stud Earrings

Showcase your stud earring collection with the best displays.

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Last week, we put the spotlight on earring displays that are perfect for statement earrings. Now it’s the studs’ turn. Stud earrings, although more straightforward and simple in design, can still accentuate a wearer’s facial features. They are the best type of earrings that women of all ages can rock. And without further ado, here are five earring displays perfect for stud earrings that can be used both in shops or for personal displays.

Linen Curved Earring Display Stand

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This earring display stand can hold two pairs of stud earrings. The linen cover makes it perfect to use with rustic or vintage-inspired designs. Its unique curved design allows for convenient storage and setup. This stand’s size dimension is 4" W x 1 1/2" D x 2 1/4" H.

Earring Display Ramp

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Another space-saving display, this display ramp is perfect for when you want to showcase a single design but comes in different colors. It is made of metal and covered in soft black velvet. This ramp can hold five pairs of earrings and has a size dimension of 1 3/8" W x 6 1/4" D x 2" H. You can also get this display in white leatherette.

White Leatherette Earring Tree with Rosewood Color Trim

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This display exudes a fun, spring and summery feeling, making it perfect to showcase your colorful gemstone stud earrings. It features a tree design with four holes for two pairs of earrings. Its weighted base has an elegant rosewood color trim. This display is made of wood and leatherette so it sure us sturdy. Its size dimension is 2" W x 2" D x 4" H.

Small Metal T-Shaped Burlap Earring Display Stand

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If you need to highlight a special pair, then this t-shape stand is the perfect one to use. It only has two holes for you to feature a single stud pair. It is made of metal and covered with burlap fabric. Although it’s perfect for vintage-inspired designs, it looks as gorgeous with any kind of style. It also comes with a weighted base so it sure won’t fall over. This stand has a size dimension of 2 1/2" W x 4 3/4" H.

Single Pair Earring Display Stand

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Lastly, this small display stand is also ideal for highlighting a single pair. It has a fun, unique round design that gives off a young chic vibe. It is made of metal and covered in either elegant black velvet or minimalist white leatherette. This display stand has a size dimension has a height of 4 3/4" H.


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