Qualities of an Effective Jewelry Display

Does your jewelry display have these attributes?

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A jewelry display is like the billboard of the brand. There is that make-or-break factor whether your customers get interested in your products or not. Given that the average attention span of a customer is now less than ten seconds, your display should immediately catch their fancy. It should be able to entice with just one look or at least make your customers curious enough to take a peek.

So how does a display become a winning billboard? We listed down five qualities of an effective jewelry display that has higher chances of converting.

Use of the right colors

Qualities of an Effective Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
One important attribute is color. Color is pretty compelling; one can make a relatively messy display but still be successful if the tones complement each other. You can go with jewelry displays in monochrome colors, or in shades of a particular palette. Adding a pop of color works well too. One example is adding a bright yellow necklace display in the middle of other displays in black or darker colors.

Tells a story

Qualities of an Effective Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
One that tells a story is effective, especially during the holidays. Creating visual interest is vital, and this can be done by adding decors that tell a story. First, you have to start with the general theme. As an example, let’s go with the 4th of July. You are probably thinking about using blue, red, and white jewelry holders. That’s right, but then, add some more pieces. One is adding some miniature bird cages with their doors open, and hanging some birds from the ceiling. This, of course, signifies freedom.

Looks clean

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A cluttered display is a big no-no. You are going for eye candy, not an eyesore, so avoid cramming a lot of decors with your jewelry displays. Keep them minimal, especially if you are only planning to highlight a particular piece or set. And of course, it goes without saying that your jewelry displays themselves should also be squeaky clean; free from dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

Has the perfect lighting

Qualities of an Effective Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
Without proper lighting, a beautiful display will deem ineffective. The positioning and angle of your lights matter too. Experts discourage the placement of lights directly above the piece. This is because shadows are created, and the jewelry does not get highlighted at all. The best way to position them is to highlight the jewelry’s focal points. Besides, adding spotlights are ideal for highlighting your new arrivals.

Updated with the trends

Qualities of an Effective Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
A display that has been with the same decor for a whole year will undoubtedly turn off your customers. You cannot entice passers-by with an outdated display. That said, having on-trend decor makes a difference. You can change every couple or so months, or when there is a holiday. Design experts say that the more often you change your display, the more people will be curious enough to check you out.

As the saying goes, wherever the eyes go, the feet will follow. So do make sure that your jewelry displays have all these attributes for you to increase your sales. If you need new displays for your shop, check out NileCorp.com. We have a wide selection in various sizes, designs, materials, and colors.


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