The Importance of Jewelry Packaging

Get to know how after-purchase packaging affects consumers and your business.

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Your customers shouldn't just be wowed by your displays, after-purchase packaging should wow them too. This is one thing some jewelry business forget about and instead, put their products in clear self-lock plastic bags. A good jewelry business knows that making a good impression doesn’t just start with the jewelry displays; it extends after purchase. That said, paying attention to how you package your jewelry is utterly important.

This week, we will discuss why after-purchase packaging is essential to any jewelry business.

Protects the jewelry

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One of the obvious reasons for the need of packaging is for the protection of the purchased jewelry piece. If you are just going to place it inside a self-lock plastic bag, the chances of it getting misplaced by the customer rises. There is also a big chance that it might get damaged or even stolen. Jewelry boxes, pouches, or tote bags are just some of the ways to keep the jewelry in mint condition.

Reflects the brand

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Your packaging will reflect your brand and therefore should match your brand’s image and personality. If you sell minimalist pieces, it is ideal to go with packaging with minimal designs. For hippie-inspired jewelry, kraft paper gift bags are perfect. Do not forget to include your logo or business name as well to maintain a strong brand image.

Increases customer loyalty

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If your customers had a memorable jewelry unboxing moment (even if they already know what’s inside) will definitely increase the chances of them becoming repeat customers. People love beautiful premium jewelry packaging. That is why it’s also important to include details about your brand in the packaging, such as your social media accounts, email address, or contact numbers, so they know where to find you in case they want to buy more.

Increase profits

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Repeat customers naturally will increase your profits. Loyal customers can also usher in new customers with word-of-mouth marketing, as well as through the power of social media. That is why you should also encourage your customers to follow your pages and to ask for a review too.


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