How to Create a Stunning Display this Fall

Boost sales this fall with an eye-catching jewelry display.

Organic Hemp Linen Covered Necklace Display Busts from Nile Corp

Fall is definitely one of our favorite seasons; with the cooler winds rushing in and hot pumpkin spice lattes warming our bodies. Even if we need to cover up more than the usual, it doesn't mean that we should stop accessorizing. That is why it's best to encourage your customers to buy new pieces that will look great with their turtlenecks and sweaters.

Today, we're giving you tips on how you can boost your business this season with a stunning fall display.

Go for a rustic theme.

Wood panel wall decor

Rustic themes are perfect for this season because of its colors. Wood, raw natural stuff, and neutral earth colors are some of the elements of fall. You can have one wall of your shop temporarily cover your walls with wood-panels or the floor.

Use jewelry displays with fall colors.

Jewelry displays with fall colors and design from Nile Corp
Necklace display and earring displays from Nile Corp

Brown, red, orange, yellow, and black are just some of the colors of fall. And there are many jewelry displays in the market that come in these hues. Some even have designs that are perfect for the season. Use a brown burlap or hemp linen necklace display that matches the rustic theme, and a tree-shaped display for your earrings.

Add some fall-inspired decor and accents.

Autumn garland with fairy lights
Source: | FloralXchange

Aside from using displays with earth colors, try adding some decor and accents as well. You can hang up garlands made of corn cobs or acorns, synthetic red leaves, candles in dark colors like deep plum and jet black, and even bird's nests. You can cover your display table with a plaid cloth too. Again, consider the rustic theme when looking for these decors.

Set up a scent diffuser.

Cork bottles of essential oils

Make your jewelry shop smell of autumn with an essential oil diffuser. Having a good-smelling place exudes positive vibes, and customers will be encouraged to stay longer because of it. One of the essential oils can try are cinnamon, vanilla, and coffee, and of course, pumpkin spice.

Have some warm lighting.

Warm autumn fairy lights
Source: | byDavies

Lastly, you can make your shop look even cozier with some warm lighting. Change the bulbs from daylight to warm white. Save the bright lighting to your spotlights that are highlighting your items. You can also make use of LED fairy lights on the walls for a cozy vibe.


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