Brown Wooden Jewelry Displays for Fall

Check out these displays that come in colors that complement your fall decors and store theme.

Wooden hand-shaped displays mounted on the wall

Fall is all about warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and brown. And to successfully achieve an autumn-inspired store display, it's best to use decors and jewelry holders that come in these colors, mainly brown. That is why, for today, we picked out jewelry displays from our collection that we believe are perfect for the season.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel in Brown

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel in Brown displaying a silver turquoise necklace

This lovely brown necklace display exudes rustic fall vibes. Its dark brown hue makes any type of necklace stand out, and it can hold up to six pieces. It comes with six different height pegs at the back of the board, which allows you to adjust the length of the chains. This necklace bust has an overall size dimension of 8 1/4"W x 1 1/8"D x 13"H.

Wooden 2-Tier Bar Bracelet Bangle Jewelry Holder

Wooden 2-Tier Bar Bracelet Bangle Jewelry Holder displaying bracelets and bangles

This durable bracelet holder boasts a warm antique brown color that is perfect for the cozy season. It features two tiers that can hold multiple bracelets, bangles, and watches. Although it's made of wood, it is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to store and carry around. It has an overall size dimension of 11 3/4"W x 5 3/8"D x 8"H and each has a diameter of 1 3/8."

Wall-Mounted Wooden Hand Jewelry Display for Rings and Bracelet

Wooden Hand Jewelry Display showcasing bracelets and rings

Next up is this eye-catching wooden ring and bracelet holder in the shape of a hand. It has so many unique features that will definitely pique the interest of your customers this season. It can be mounted on the wall, stand the hand display upright, or place it upside down. The base can also be used to hold rings. Its overall size dimension is 5 1/8"W x 3 3/4"D x 8 7/8"H. The stand measures 5 1/8"W x 8 7/8"H while the base has a diameter of 3 3/4" and a thickness of 5/8."

Wooden Round Risers Display

Wooden Round Risers Display showcasing bracelets

This rustic wooden round risers set includes six pieces of leveling heights. They are perfect for attracting more attention to your fall inventory, such as rings and bracelets, even other items like cosmetics, collectible toys, and sunglasses. These display risers are made of wood, but they are definitely lightweight, making them perfect for bringing in trade or craft shows. The tallest riser has measurements of 3 1/8" diameter x 6 1/4" height, while the shortest one measures 3 1/8" diameter x 1 1/4" height.

Wooden Freestanding Necklace Display Stand

Wooden Freestanding Necklace Display Stand holding three silver necklaces

Last, but not least, is another wooden necklace display in a warm brown color. This one, however, is more space-saving because of its simpler and thinner design. It features seven diagonal slots that can showcase up to eight necklaces. Each of these slots is half an inch in height, so it can hold different types of chains. You can also adjust the necklace lengths as it comes with seven pegs of leveling heights at the back of the board. The overall size dimension of this necklaces stand is 3/4"W x 4 3/4"D x 16 1/2"H.


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