Why Use Risers for Your Jewelry Display

Get to know why using risers in your window or store display are a great investment.

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Jewelry store displays look even more appealing if it can create a visual interest. The eyes of passers-by and potential customers’ should be able to go from the bottom of the display to the top, and then travel from left to right. One way to make this possible is by using display risers. And this week, we are turning the spotlight on to risers, and why you should use them in your store or at trade shows.

Create visual interest

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As mentioned earlier, risers can create visual interest by making people look around your display. Risers create lifts and levels on the display table and can go to as small as an inch tall to about a foot high. You can also angle them in different directions to create layers, place them parallel to a necklace display or an earring display, or flip it outside down and use it as an easel to hold wallets or pouches.

Great for almost every product

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Risers can be used not only for jewelry pieces but also for other items for sale such as figurines, collectible toys, and accessories like wallets. You can display these products effortlessly to look very elegant, especially if you use ones made of acrylic. Acrylic risers are preferred by some stores because they look effortlessly elegant and can match any color scheme.

Save space

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By using risers in your display, you get to utilize much space as possible. Creating multiple layers will allow you to showcase as many products as it can carry. You can also highlight your featured items without worrying about taking too much space from the other regular products.


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