Why Acrylic Makes The Best Displays

It’s time to switch to acrylic jewelry displays!

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Whether you are a jewelry shop owner or a collector of fashion jewelry, having displays help a lot in organizing your collections. There are many types that you can get, like wood, burlap, metal, and acrylic. Acrylic, for us, is one of the best materials for a display. Curious as to why? We listed down five reasons why acrylic makes the best jewelry displays.

Easy to transport.

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If you are a trade or craft show regular, you know well the hassle that comes with ingress and egress. That is why the best jewelry display to use are ones that are easy to set up, re-arrange, store, and transport. Acrylic displays have all these properties. Aside from those things, they are lightweight and have a higher impact strength than glass, so you do not need to worry about breaking them during transport, setup, or storage.

Clearer than glass.

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Acrylic is more transparent than glass. The former has a green tint to it while the latter is crystal clear. Glass also tends to distort the view, while acrylic is clear allowing your customers or visitors to see the jewelry pieces for what they really look like. This is the reason why acrylic storage boxes are perfect for toy collections, vintage jewelry, and other valuable collector’s items.

Easy to clean.

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Cleaning acrylic jewelry displays only require a microfiber towel or a damp lint-free cloth dipped in tap water. You’ll just have to gently wipe the surfaces. For that stubborn adhesive foam backing stuck on the surface, you'll need kerosene. However, you must be wearing a protective mask so you won't inhale the chemicals.

Minimalist in style.

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Minimalism is one of the best themes for a jewelry store as it exudes elegance and understated sophistication. Acrylic displays are eye-catching and give off effortless beauty without going over the top. These displays also give a professional appearance and can complement any color scheme.


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Lastly, acrylic jewelry displays are easy on the pocket. You do not need to break the bank to get a set of necklace display, earring display, ring display, and other items that you need for your shop or personal collection. You can also get them for cheaper when you order in bulk.


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