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Where to Display Your Crystal Collection | Nile Corp

Collecting natural crystals is one of the best old hobbies that seem to never die. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also act as conduits for healing which allows positive energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out. And as you grow your collection, a proper place to keep them is rather important. Otherwise, the chances of losing a small piece or two increases. That said, it’s best that you invest in a display so they can be safe for a long time. Here are five displays that you need if you are one proud crystal collector.

Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box

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For tumbled stones and small raw crystals, this small wooden jewelry organizer is perfect. The box’s interior is lined with soft beige velvet to protect your gems from scratches. There’s a pocket for little crystal nuggets and three hooks for crystal bracelets or necklaces under the lid. There are two compartments, one for your tumbled stones, one for your rough stones. Lastly, three rows of slots are ideal for your crystal rings or even smaller pieces of crystals. This organizer box is just the right size to be kept under the bed or on your dresser.

T-bar Jewelry Display with Compartments and Drawer

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This jewelry display isn’t only for your jewelry pieces. It also makes a great crystal collection organizer! Use the elegant two-tier bars for your crystal accessories. But keep the compartments exclusively for your collection only. The base of this t-bar display is divided into two, which you can use to separate types of loose stones. You can also use the drawer to store your other stones. If you sell crystals as well as crystal jewelry, this is the perfect display to use!

High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest

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For bigger collections, this wooden jewelry chest is a perfect choice, especially to collectors who are not fans of natural brown wooden boxes. It can hold not just crystal jewelry pieces but also your small tumbled and raw stones. It has a chic clear view top lid that allows you a clear view of your collection while it keeps the dust and dirt away. The top layer has one open compartment with eight rows of ring slots, plus as a set of removable dividers. On the other hand, the bottom drawer boasts a set of removable and adjustable dividers perfect for all your loose stones. This jewelry chest is available in white and black.

Acrylic Glass Like Jewelry and Makeup Tray

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These acrylic three-layer jewelry tray is not just for makeup and jewelry but may also be used to display your crystal collection. All three completely removable trays each have a light pink and light blue dividers which make up three compartments. The acrylic is glass-like, making this organizer look chic and elegant. Plus, acrylic is easy to wash and clean. Get to store all different types of tumbled and raw stones in a total of nine compartments.

Wooden Swivel Jewelry Organizer Box

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Swivel Jewelry Organizer Box

If you prefer a rustic type of display, this wooden swivel box is the organizer that you need. It features four 360-degree swiveling layers with differently sized compartments to fit all your crystal-storing needs. The first and fourth layers have a large empty compartment, the second layer features seven rows of ring slots and a small compartment, and the third layer has two small compartments. Classy beige velvet lines the interior of each layer to prevent your crystals from scratches. Display your collection by swiveling the layers at different angles.

Tempered Glass Top Antique Color Wood Display Case with 50 Gem Jars

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 50 Black Gem Jars in Temper Glass Top Antique Color Wood Display Case

This wooden display case is perfect for smaller loose precious stones. This antique wood-colored display case comes with 50 jars for storing small crystals. The tempered glass allows you to view your collection without having to open the metal clasp that secures the box. The foam liner that separates jars is available in either black or white. The 50 plastic jars also have foam in them to ensure that the crystals don’t get scratched.


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