The Best Gemstone Beads for a Stretch Bracelet

Here are the best types of crystal beads to use to make a bracelet this Spring.

The Best Gemstone Beads for a Stretch Bracelet | Nile Corp

If you are not the type to go the beach and prefer to stay at home during spring break, you better have some activities planned out to make your time worthwhile. Aside from DIY home projects that you can do with like-minded friends and family, another way to bond with them is to make jewelry. One of the easiest pieces to create is bead bracelets. You’ll only need rolls of stretch cord and of course, the beads.

To complement your spring and summer outfits, go with the crystal beads with light or creamy pastel colors. And without further ado, here are some of the best gemstone beads to use to make a stretch bracelet worthy of showcasing in any jewelry display.

Howlite Beads

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Howlite is a white crystal with intricate grey veins. Its pattern earned its other name, “white turquoise” because of the similarities to the beautiful teal crystal. Howlite’s gorgeous white color makes it easy to match with any outfit. The other names it goes with are White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, and Kaolinite, and Silico Boro Calcite.

People believe that Howlite allows the wearer to attune to their higher spiritual consciousness. It can help reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. It can calm emotions and will enable one to get a restful sleep.

Green Aventurine Beads

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Aventurine is a beautiful blend of quartz and other minerals. Inclusions of Mica give it a shimmering effect, which is called aventurescence. Its cool green color is perfect for spring and summer as its easy on the eyes.

This gemstone is believed to be an all-around healing stone for the sinuses, lungs, heart, and liver. It can release negative energy and loosen energy blockages. Green Aventurine is also known as the “Stone of Opportunity” because it is believed to manifest prosperity and wealth.

Pink Aventurine Beads

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Aventurine is commonly green, but it also comes in peach, red, purple, yellow, silver, and pink. Pink Aventurine varies from a sweet salmon color to a mysterious deep rose. Its almost pastel-like color is perfect for your bright yellow outfits this season.

Pink Aventurine is said to be a great stone for self-love. It helps you embrace your entirety, releases feelings of entrapment allowing you to take the spotlight. Aside from aiding in the release of negativity, it can also help with creativity and self-expression.

New Jade Beads

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This creamy lime crystal comes in many names. It’s called New Jade or Serpentine. But note that it’s not jade at all. It is only called as such because of its green color. New Jade has natural patterns and other mineral inclusions making it look lovelier. As with green aventurine, its happy color is ideal for this sunny season.

New Jade is believed to aid with emotional cleansing and attract money and love. It helps release the fear of change and help replenish one's energy. The Romans in the ancient times believe that this stone can protect them from venom and poison, hence its other name, Serpentine.

Lepidolite Beads

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Lepidolite is a lithium-bearing crystal that comes in many colors; lilac gray, rose pink, and yellow. The stone has slight mineral inclusions that make them look unique and beautiful. These beads are in rosy pink colors and are perfect for those who love this feminine color.

Known as the “Stone of Transition,” Lepidolite is said to aid in emotional healing as well as in reducing stress. It’s perfect for anyone who needs some sense of stability especially during a chaotic stage in life.


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