How to Achieve a Minimalist Display

Create a minimalist haven for your customers.

How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp
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Minimalism is a popular style the transcends time and industries. Minimalist fashionistas usually go with wardrobe pieces in a color or two, while minimalist interior designers use minimal furniture and colors. In the jewelry industry, you can find rings with thins with simple designs. And what better way to showcase them but in an equally chic minimalist display?

Here are a few tips on how to achieve a frills-free jewelry display to entice more potential customers.

Minimal furniture and displays

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Of course, you’ll only need a few pieces of furniture. A long table to place your necklace displays and jewelry trays is enough, but you can add an accent chair and a wall or floor lamp with a modern design. Do not put unnecessary furniture as it will only cause a distraction to your items on display.

Usage of one to three colors

How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp
Teal accent curtains
Black and white are the usual colors of a minimalist design. However, you can also go with other colors, but choose subtle ones that are easy on the eyes. The rule is, only to use one to three. You can have your walls painted in white, but leave one wall in a different color. This will be your accent wall. You can also put some decors in the same accent color. Simple patterns would look good as well, like bold lines. Stay away from intricate patterns, such as checkers.

Big spaces

How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp

Minimalism is all about bare surfaces and big spaces. Most of the flat surfaces in your shop should be clear, as with most of the floor area. The surfaces should only hold your jewelry displays which should also have minimalist designs. The entire shop should only have the essentials. As for the walls, keep them bare. But a decor or two, like a simple piece of artwork, is okay.


How to Achieve a Minimalist Display | Nile Corp

Lighting is crucial in a minimalist space. It can be a decorative tool with the right space. Floor lamps double as decor and lighting, which saves you so much space. Remember though not to go with super bright fluorescent lighting that will make your customers feel like they are in a hospital.

In summary, your goal should be to give your customers a relaxing experience they’ll remember. They should feel at ease when shopping for jewelry, so avoid giving them visual clutter with unnecessary items.


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