How to Avoid Theft in Your Jewelry Shop

Here are some tips on how to level up your store security.

Tips on how to avoid theft in your jewelry shop.

Shoplifters know no season; whether is the holidays or it's off-season, they strike any time they want. They'll do the job while all the salespersons are busy with customers, or in the brief second you go in the stock room to quickly check on something. People come in and out of your shop as well, so keeping track of your jewelry and your customers' activities might be tough. That said, it's time to take extra measures with your security.

Here are some of the things you can do to make your shop theft-free and you, worry-free.

Train your staff.

To avoid theft in your shop, you should train your staffs.

You and your salespersons should always be aware of all the activities that are happening inside your shop. You should have the ability to spot suspicious people as well as activities. You can also create a list of protocols that you should do in case of theft or any other emergency. Place important phone numbers near you or the phone.

Display your jewelry items the smart way.

Learn to display your items in a smart way.

One thing you need to consider is the layout of your store and the placement of each jewelry piece. For your most expensive fine jewelry, place them in enclosed displays, rather than showcasing them out in the open. Do not hang a pricey luxurious necklace on a necklace display without a glass enclosure, nor place it near the entrance. Same goes for earrings; these pieces are small and thus easier to take from earring displays, so it's smarter to place them near the counter where many people can see them.

Install security cameras.

Always install security cameras and monitor it daily.

One of the first things thieves check is whether the place has security cameras. Invest in high-definition cameras so it would be easier to check for suspicious activities. You can opt to get ones with microphones and speakers so you can record the audio as well. Cameras with motion detection and sensor triggered recording modes are the best ones to use for maximum security.

Set up metal detectors and alarms.

Set up metal detectors and alarms

As with security cameras, alarms are also necessary for a jewelry shop, especially if you are selling expensive fine jewelry. These are helpful during the holiday season when almost all the staff are busy with their jobs. An alarm setting off will definitely scare off shoplifters, more so with alarm systems with police response.


Investing in your store's security is necessary to prevent possible losses from theft. What are the security measures you took for your store? Do share your stories below!


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