Ultraviolet Displays to Welcome 2018

Attract more customers with displays in the color of the year!

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Pantone has recently announced that the color of 2018 is ultra violet. According to the site, the blue-based purple "suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now." Cool, right?

This is going to be a lot of fun for the jewelry industry, as the violet crystal, amethyst is one of the popular gem made into fashion jewelry pieces. And to match them are equally majestic violet displays. And without further ado, here are a few of our jewelry displays that boast the enigmatic bold color.

Shoe Ring Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Ring Display Shoe
The Shoe Ring Display boasts a majestic purple color all over. It has a ruffled outer design and soft velvet inserts for your rings. A ruffled violet flower adorns the toe cap, giving it a vintage feel. This shoe ring display can hold up to eight bands and is also available in black and hot pink.

Set of 3 Jewelry Display Stackable Tray

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Set of 3 Jewelry Display Stackable Tray
For space-saving displays, these stackable trays are a good choice. The Set of 3 Jewelry Display Stackable Tray features a velvet lining in an ultra violet color. Showcase your rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in each tray. These ergonomically-designed trays are perfect for craft shows and other events because you don’t need to remove your jewelry collections before display. Lastly, they are easy to store and carry.

Mini Doll Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Mini Doll Display

This Mini Doll Display is a cute violet necklace display that can also hold bracelets and hook earrings. It’s like a miniature mannequin you’d see in vintage sewing shops, and hence, perfect for displaying vintage-inspired jewelry pieces. The Mini Doll Display comes in two sizes (both less than seven inches in height) and a variety of colors.

9-Piece Display Set

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 9 Piece Display Set

The 9-Piece Display Set is a gorgeous display for highlighting a new jewelry collection this 2018. The set has an elegant black wood trim that perfectly matches the cosmic purple color. The set includes two earring trees, three necklace display busts, three ring displays, and a round base where you can place smaller jewelry pieces. This set is not only available in violet, but you can also get it in seven other colors.

Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Brush Organizer

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Brush Organizer
Not only jewelry pieces can come in violet; even lipsticks are available in that enigmatic purple shade too! And what perfect way to showcase those lippies than the Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Brush Organizer. It boasts a violet silhouette of a dog and a cat, making it perfect for beauty enthusiasts who are pet lovers too. The acrylic organizer has 18 holes in various sizes, plus a compartment with a removable divider at the back. The silhouette design is also available in black.


Bask in ultra violet goodness with these displays! If you want to check out more, feel free to browse the online shop for other jewelry displays, organizers, and even jewelry-making tools.


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