Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Here are five tips to usher in a prosperous new year!

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Christmas has come and gone, so is the shopping hype. Now you're left with either excess inventory or none at all. So how do you continue on selling well in the new year? What strategies should you do to have better sales next year? If you have the same questions in mind, you’re in luck. Below are a few ideas.

Replenish your inventory

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Adding new pieces to your inventory is a must even if you have excess pieces. Your customers would want to see new designs, colors, and styles. Otherwise, they’ll get bored with your products and check out the next jewelry store. Keep them interested in your brand and products by surprising them with new jewelry they never thought you’d have available.

Redesign your store display

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As with your jewelry pieces for sale, getting a shop display makeover is a must. You cannot let Christmas and the new year pass and not change your store decors. Get a new necklace display and other jewelry organizers with colors that will fit your whole new display theme. Since ultra violet is Pantone’s color of the year this 2018, you can get jewelry displays in that color to attract more shoppers. You can also go for an early Valentine theme and go for reds and pinks.

Run early Valentine’s Day promotions.

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Build a hype this early for Valentine’s Day contests. Set up promotions that will excite your customers and will keep them anticipating. You can do this both in-store and online for maximum exposure. Utilize all your social media channels so many people can participate. Do not forget to include terms and conditions, though, to avoid problems at the end of the promotions.

Get yourself exposed.

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Look for trade or craft shows in your area in January to further maximize your exposure. Or, if you have the means, you can set up one yourself. Talk to various potential sponsors if you can. Make sure it’s going to be held in a location where many people can attend. Once everything is set, get the word out there through your social media accounts, set up posters in your jewelry shop and give away flyers whenever a customer makes a purchase.

Send emails to your past customers.

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Make your customers remember you by saying hi! A simple, straightforward email would mean a lot. Avoid hard-selling though; doing so might turn them off instead of enticing them. Ask how the new year’s treating them and inform them of your new jewelry pieces for sale. You can also send a calendar of your events if you already have them set. Lastly, you can provide a coupon code to entice them to buy from your site or your shop.


Do you have any other jewelry business advice for the new year? Do share your thoughts below!


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