What to Do With Excess Inventory

Convert your Halloween jewelry pieces to cash.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

Halloween’s come and gone but not all your trick-or-treating inspired jewelry pieces have been sold. Are you going to keep them until next year or risk and try to sell them even when the Christmas spirit is already here? Yes, excess inventory can be a real pain for jewelry businesses, especially those who sell seasonal designs. However, you can cash in on these pieces. And without further ado, here are five ways to do that:

Redesign them.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp
Source: Adventuresindiy1759.blogspot.com
Do you have pumpkin-designed earrings or rings? Turn them into festive snowmen pieces for your Christmas inventory! All you need are white, black, and orange acrylic paints. Paint the whole charm white, use the black paint for the eyes and mouth, and orange for the carrot nose. Take inspiration from the real pumpkin in the photo above by Chrissy of Adventures in DIY.

Sell them at discounted prices.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

You can still try to sell them, but now at incredibly discounted prices. Some people prefer to buy seasonal items in advance, and others can get them as funny Christmas presents for their friends. These jewelry pieces may also appeal to those who collect jewelry with Halloween designs regardless of the season.

Remarket them.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

Since some Halloween jewelry pieces have a Gothic style, you can remarket them as vintage Victorian or steampunk jewelry pieces. Take away the Halloween vibe; for example, you can place a black choker with a spider or cat pendant on a necklace display bust and decorate with some black lace to give it a Victorian look. You can also retain the skull and bat decors you used last Halloween.

Give them as freebies.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

If you really want to get rid of these jewelry pieces, you can give them away as freebies to repeat and loyal customers. Offer them as exclusive incentives for buying two or more pieces from your shop, or for bringing other friends. You can also use social media to promote this exclusive offer.

Bundle them up with fast moving-pieces.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

You can include a Halloween piece in a set of on-trend pieces. That way, you can still make money for it, even if it’s not sold at its original price. However, it would be best to redesign the jewelry first, so it doesn’t look off in the jewelry set.

In the future, make it a point to plan ahead. Do your research well before buying in bulk to prevent another case of excess inventory.


Have you done any of these? Which one is the most effective? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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