Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display

Attract more customers this Christmas season with a beautiful festive display.

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp

Your Christmas inventory’s ready, but you haven’t come up yet with a display that would awe passersby. You can't just go with sparkles and glitters, as almost all of the stores would go for these. Simple Christmas decors would be dull and certainly not striking enough. If you still can’t decide on how to design your display, allow us to help you. Here are some tips for a festive jewelry display.

Color palette

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp

It’s always safe to go with the traditional Christmas colors -- red, green, and gold. But don’t be afraid to be a little different. You can go with blue, white and black if you wish to go for an arctic look. Blue, purple, and gold are perfect for an enchanting fairytale-inspired palette. You can always choose a photo from Pinterest for inspiration, and that’s where you base the colors you plan to use. Just remember to stick to your selected colors so it won’t look messy or out of place.


Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
A display with exceptionally beautiful lighting is guaranteed to awe anyone who sees it. Use warm lights to remind them of cozying up with a book by the fireplace. Warm lights give off a homey, festive feel. Focus the brighter lights on the jewelry pieces, especially the best selling ones. However, lighting still depends on your theme. If you’re going for a rustic, homey feel, warm lights are the way to go. If you prefer an enchanting, arctic feel, go with white and blue lights.

Christmas decorations

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp

You can never go wrong with traditional Christmas decorations like wreaths, pine cones, and mistletoe. Sprinkle some fake snow on your necklace display, earring display, etc. If you have a lot of free time, you can DIY most of these decorations and customize it as you see fit. If you’re too busy to, you can always purchase ready-made decorations. Remember to get ones with the colors of your chosen palette.

Images on the walls

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
Put up photos or paintings that can appeal to the emotions of your customers. It’s always a good idea to connect with your customers emotionally. According to studies, we use emotions to help us decide what to buy. Hang photos of happy couples wearing your jewelry, or a wedding proposal photos. You can also target families, like a mother and daughter wearing matching pieces. All these, of course, should have a Christmas theme.


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