Jewelry Tree Stands Perfect for Halloween

As the second part of last week’s article, we are going to highlight a few of our displays fit for Halloween.

If you have no time to create your own earring or necklace display this Halloween, you can opt to buy ready-made jewelry displays. You just need to add a touch of spookiness by adding a few props such as fake cobwebs, plastic skeletons, and pumpkins. And without further ado, here are four jewelry tree stands that can effectively showcase your Halloween-inspired pieces this trick or treating season.

Acrylic Earring Tree Stand

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Nothing looks spookier than a black leafless tree that looks like it came out of a cemetery scene of a horror film. The Acrylic Earring Tree Stand is a perfect jewelry display this trick or treating season. Aside from seven pairs of earrings, it can also hold necklaces and bracelets. The stand also features a bottom tray which can hold more jewelry pieces or even Halloween decors for an added spooky feel.

Metal Earring Tree Display

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The best way to showcase pairs of earrings this season is by hanging them on the mysterious-looking Metal Earring Tree Display. It can hold up to 18 pairs and features leaves with holes to insert the hooks and posts. This display is available in two colors -- copper like the in the photo above, and pewter. Simply add Halloween decors to make it look scarier.

Metal Tree Jewelry Stand Rack

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The Metal Tree Jewelry Stand Rack is a necklace display that can give you the chills. It’s made of black metal with many branches resembling an old spooky tree. It features a gold bird on top, which you can paint black to make it look like a raven for Halloween. This stand can hold all types of jewelry, even your car keys.

Metal Jewelry Rack with Birds

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The Metal Jewelry Rack with Birds is another great addition to a Halloween display. It looks as though the rack is made of old twigs, which gives it a spooky feel. You can also hang bracelets or chokers on the two birds. This metal rack can hold all kinds of jewelry, as well as other Halloween decorations such as plastic bats and bugs to make it look scarier.


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