Different Types of Earring Displays

Choosing the perfect display for your earring collection.

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Whether you are a jewelry seller or a collector, having a jewelry display is a must-have. These displays not only allow you to showcase your pieces, but also helps you keep them organized. Out of all these types, the necklace display remains to be the most used one. With that said, we are turning the spotlight on the earring displays, as they deserve to be highlighted as well. Here are the different types of earring displays for every use.

Rotating Earring Display

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The Wooden Rotating Earring Display is ideal for a big earring collection or for shops that sell a lot of designs as it can hold a hundred pairs. It’s best for hook earrings because you’ll simply just have to hang them on the slots. Clip-ons and pairs with earring backs can be hung here too, but you need earring cards to do so. The natural wooden color of this display makes it perfect for Bohemian and vintage-inspired earrings, as well chandelier earrings and gemstone pieces.

Multiple Earring Stand

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If you own a lot of stud earrings and pairs with backs, the Three-Bar Earring Display is the perfect one to use. It has three layers that can hold 12 pairs in total. Although they can also hold hook earrings, those with long charms such as chandeliers, hoops, and drop earrings are not recommended because of the spacings between the bars. There are also other multiple earring stands that can hold four, eight, and 30 pairs, and are available in black velvet, black leatherette, and white leatherette.

Earring Tree Stand

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Earring tree stands are ideal for showcasing a pair of earrings. Because most of these displays are tall, they are perfect for chandeliers, long drops, hoops, and other statement pairs. The Tall T-Shape Earring Stand Burlap Linen features a soft earth color that’s perfect for gemstone earrings and other colorful pairs. Some tree stands can hold more than two pairs, which are perfect for showcasing sets.

Metal earring display

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If you want to stand out from other shops, go for unique metal earring displays. There are so many designs to choose from in the market today, and they appeal well to young consumers. This Cat Metal Earring Display is perfect for pet-inspired earrings, be it studs or drops. This type of details can easily catch anyone’s attention, so it’s ideal for showcasing new arrival pieces.


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