6 Unique Jewelry Displays to Attract Your Younger Customers

Appeal more to the millennials with these non-traditional displays.

6 Unique Jewelry Displays to Attract Your Younger Customers by Nile Corp

According to industry analysts, diamond jewelry sales are slowing down because of the younger consumers’ preferences. They said that millennials prefer organic and ethical products; choosing one-of-a-kind handmade pieces rather than standardized, mass-produced jewelry. They are also marrying at a later age and prefer cheaper gemstone jewelry over pricey fine jewelry.

One way to counter this downfall in sales is through effective marketing strategies; one of which is through visual display. You need to stand out and relate to their preferences. With that said, showcasing your pieces should be as creative and on-trend as possible. If you have no time to customize and DIY displays, here are six unique jewelry displays for your shop that will appeal to your millennial consumers.

Fabric-Covered Doll Display

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This necklace display remains to be one of our favorites. It totally captures the old romantic theme and reminds of European love stories. Instead of using the traditional rotating displays, showcasing your pieces in this Fabric Covered Doll Display will definitely catch a young woman’s eye. You can also choose from other fabric designs if the one above doesn’t fit your current store theme.

Fabric Mini High Heel Ring Display

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For your diamond rings, this Fabric Mini High Heel Ring Display is perfect if you’re going for the romantic theme. It looks great when put side by side the Fabric Covered Doll Display. Its cushion spaces can hold up to eight rings, making it a great display for ring sets or minimalist stackable rings that the millennials love to wear.

Fashion Bracelet T-Bar Display

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The Fashion Bracelet T-Bar Display can hold both bracelets, bangles, and even necklaces. It’s perfect for showcasing your vintage inspired pieces, making them more appealing to hopeless romantic millennials. And yes, it matches the first two displays!

Doll Display

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The Doll Display is ideal for shops with a minimalist theme. Unlike the first one, this doll display only has two colors and boasts a chic lace bustier matched with a layered skirt. It exudes utter sophistication perfect for fine diamond jewelry or gorgeous gemstone pieces fashionistas would love.

Mini Shoe Ring Display

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To match the sophisticated-looking Doll Display above, showcase rings using the Mini Shoe Ring Display. It’s perfect for eye-catching cocktail and engagement rings as the black fabric allows the pieces to stand out. The outer side of the shoe features chic filigree design that exuding a perfect mix of glamour and femininity.

Fashion Bracelet Filigree T-Bar Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Bracelet T-Bar Display
This Fashion Bracelet Filigree T-Bar Display is the ideal one to showcase minimalist plain bracelets. Charm bracelets would stand out in this display too, especially pieces made of white gold or silver. This T-Bar Display is also available in black with white filigree if you prefer a bit more drama and pizzaz,


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