5 Jewelry Designers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Here are five underrated designers with jewelry pieces that would make anyone giddy with excitement.

5 Jewelry Designers You Need to Follow on Instagram by Nile Corp

If you are a jewelry lover or basically just a fashionista who loves to accessorize, you probably follow a handful of jewelry designers on Instagram. There are thousands of these accounts on IG, and most of them are underrated ones who are also worth following. These designers create gorgeous pieces worth showcasing in a jewelry display. That said, we have come up with five of our current favorite talented jewelry designers you might want to check out.

Alex Sepkus | @alexsepkus

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Alex Sepkus is based in New York. He considers himself an intellectual eccentric, and this quality reflects on his designs. He handcrafts all his jewelry pieces and all of them have a certain intricate look that stands out. They remind of beautiful stained glass windows with intricate details -- colorful and eye-catching.

Mila | @beaucharms.ko

Wife and mom of twin girls, Mila of Beaucharms Boutique is an amazing jewelry designer. She customizes baby pins, key chains, anklets, bracelets, and necklaces. Most of her creations include the Hamsa and the Evil Eye which make them great good luck charms. She says that her pieces can provide protection and ward off evil to anyone wearing the piece.

Anna Monet | @annamonetjewelry

Anna Monet’s creations exude a perfect mix of mysticism and eccentricity. Her inspiration for the pieces is the beauty of the west coast landscape. She loves to incorporate elements of ancient jewelry design with natural beauty. The results are amazing, All her one-of-a kind designs are environment-friendly, and she’s proud to be part of a sustainable fashion movement.

Liz Wallwork | @rocksbyliz

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Rocks Handmade Jewellery by Liz Wallwork are pieces that say "I think you rock!" Her designs exude youthful fun without being too loud and pretentious. Her handmade collection is filled with boho jewelry that is filled with positive vibes, making them great gifts. She draws inspiration from the shades of the beach and the ocean, rose-gold streaked sunsets, and summer sunshine.

Rachel Hughes | @saressa_designs

If you love minimalist gemstone jewelry, then follow Rachel Hughes on Instagram. She handmakes gemstone and druzy pieces that look so ethereally gorgeous. She goes for the elegant, minimalist, rustic, and soft statement approach. All the designs are simple yet striking at the same time. We love the orbit necklace she recently made; it’s definitely that one piece worth showcasing in a space-themed necklace display!


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