Tips for Jewelry Displays That are Guaranteed to Sell

Here are some tips for successful jewelry displays that can increase your sales.

Jewelry Displays Guaranteed to Sell by Nile Corp

As we all know, displays act as our silent salespersons and therefore can make or break the success of sales. With that said, jewelry shop owners should invest in making their displays as eye-catching as possible. Otherwise, you may be wasting money and efforts on trying to sell your jewelry, and worse, head to bankruptcy. Prevent these from happening and instead increase your sales with jewelry displays worth remembering. And without further ado, here are some tips that can help you sell your items faster and make your regular customers repeat customers.


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Some may opt for eclecticism and have various designs of displays, but having a unified style exudes a more professional appearance. Follow a particular theme and use two to three colors only for your display elements. Textures should also be not more than three to avoid looking like eyesores. That is why big jewelry stores stick to the minimalist styles, as this allows the pieces to stand out more.


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Jewelry pieces aren’t only the ones who should have a personality, your displays should too. For example, if you are selling vintage-inspired necklaces, showcasing them in a modern geometric designed necklace display would look a bit off. Retro styles look best in old world-inspired displays with a lot of lace or filigree design. The personalities of both the jewelry piece and the display should match.

Visual Interest

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In digital media, visual ads are one of the top successful marketing strategies. Surveys show that videos and photos are more appealing than just simple text. This also applies to jewelry display. Your display should arouse the visual interest of passersby. To be more specific, you can’t just place your jewelry pieces flat on a table. You must consider adding depth and height by using displays of varying heights and sizes. Angles should be considered too, as well as the perfect lighting.

Pricey pieces are the front liners

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Always remember to place the most beautiful, most expensive on-trend pieces at the front of your shop or by the entrance. Displaying these pieces prominently will quickly catch passers-by’s eyes and therefore pique their interest. Curiosity will lead them inside your store. And once they're inside, there’s a big chance that they’ll check out your other items too.

To sum it all up, visual balance is the key to having the perfect looking displays. The consistency across colors, shapes, and textures will arouse passers-by’s interest, making them a step closer to making a purchase.


If you need more ideas on the perfect display, get inspiration from the various displays in the online shop!


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