DIY Patriotic Fashion Accessories to Make This July

Celebrate patriotism by making Fourth of July-inspired jewelry and accessories.

DIY Patriotic Fashion Accessories to Make This July by Nile Corp

Tomorrow is our country’s independence day. There are so many ways to celebrate it with the family, but if you’re feeling extra creative, you can encourage family members to craft patriotic accessories together. And without further ado, here are our top favorite Fourth of July-inspired craft projects from various websites that anyone in the family can do!

Bead Necklace and Bracelet

Creating a bead necklace and bracelet

Here’s something you can proudly place on your necklace display for the whole month of July. These patriotic bead necklaces and bracelets are so easy to make even the kids can participate. All you need are different types of beads in the colors of the flag and some string. The kids and adults alike can also let their creative juices flow by making different bead patterns and designs.

Independence Day Button Ring

Creating an Independence Day Button Ring

This is really cute! You’ll need buttons of different sizes and in the colors blue, red and white, adjustable flat ring, and a glue gun. All you have to do is glue them all together to look like the ring in the photo above. Really simple and stylish!

Independence Day Button Earrings

How to create an Independence Day Button Earrings

This idea came from the same blog who came up with the button ring. You’ll need blue, red, and white buttons, earring hooks, and jump rings to connect the buttons. You’ll need a pair of chain nose pliers to connect them all together. These earrings are the perfect match to your patriotic button ring.

Fourth of July T-shirt Headband

Createing a fourth of July T-shirt

This upcycling project doesn’t require you to spend anything and is perfect for the girls in the family. All you need are some old shirts in blue, red, and white. You can even create color variations of the braid; create one of each color and put all three together for a trendy wide headband. You’ll need a glue gun to glue both ends together.

American Flag Sunglasses

DIY Patriotic Fashion Accessories to Make This July by Nile Corp

If you have an old pair of sunglasses with white frames, you can turn it into a patriotic pair that you can proudly wear on the Fourth of July. You’ll need fine tip red and blue sharpies and little star stickers. You can just simply follow the design of the photo above as a reference. Don’t forget to use pieces of tape to achieve perfect lines.

Patriotic Shoes

Transform your old sneaker into a patriotic kicks

If you have some old white sneakers, why not turn them into cool patriotic kicks? All you need is, of course, your old pair of white shoes and red and blue markers or acrylic paint. You can cut out stars from cardboard so you can just easily trace them on the shoes. You can also use tape for perfect lines.


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