3 Ways to Attract Millennial Customers with Jewelry Display

Display your jewelry pieces in a way that can pique the interest of millennials.

3 Ways to Attract Millennial Customers with Jewelry Display by Nile Corp

There have been reports stating that jewelry business is in a rough spot when it comes to the young generation. Millennials seem not to be interested in diamond jewelry unlike the previous generations did. The median marrying age also has become closer to 30, so the number of these millennials who shop for engagement and wedding rings also have dropped. That said, many jewelry stores have found selling to millennials a bit tough.

One way to attract the young generation is through effective marketing, one of which is how you showcase your products. Your necklace display should be eye-catching, your earring display should look on-trend. Without further ado, here are four ways to catch this generation’s interest.

Social Media

Knowing how to nail the Social Media

Already a given, social media marketing is a must in any business in this digital age. Transform your jewelry display into a social media haven. Use popular memes and other current slang terms in social media posts. Incorporate various social media channels in the display; use hashtags in the price tags, or create an Instagram-inspired photo booth where customers can take their pictures while trying on jewelry.

Old World Charm

Know how to display the Old World Charm

Some millennials still find the old world charm attractive, especially the ladies. Hopeless romantic customers find solace in vintage looking displays, as they give them a warm and fuzzy feeling. Vintage painted flowers appeal to a lot of women, so do old books and paintings. People who walk in a welcoming, homey place also tend to allow them to shop more at ease.

Pop Culture

Know how to made a pop culture jewelry display

You can also transform your traditional display into a pop culture display. Get inspiration from trending TV shows, Game of Thrones for example, pop music, and even viral posts. One way to know the trends is to check your social media accounts, as well as Google Trends.


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