Top 5 Ring Displays for Bridal Rings

This bridal season, showcase your top selling engagement rings and wedding bands in eye-catching displays.

Top 5 Ring Displays for Bridal Rings by Nile Corp

It’s bridal season once again, and one way to increase your revenue is to focus on your best selling bridal rings. Aside from offering discounts to pique potential customers’ interest, you should also consider showcasing them using show stopping ring displays.

Without further ado, here are five of our gorgeous ring displays that can intensify the beauty of your bridal rings.

Faux Leather Ring Fan

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Add a bit of fun and carefree vibe to your display with this Faux Leather Ring Fan. Certainly not your ordinary ring display, this ring fan can hold up to three rings. This display with a three-inch diameter looks perfect for bridal ring sets, or for showcasing engagement rings with large center stones.

The Faux Leather Ring Fan is available in three colors -- almond, leather white, and leather black.

Ring Clip Display

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Ideal for solitaire engagement rings, this Ring Clip Display can easily draw attention to the piece. It stands about three inches in height and has a diameter of two inches. It can hold the ring nicely without slipping and will look gorgeous alongside a necklace display or a t-bar display.

The Ring Clip Display is available in black velvet and white leatherette.

Ring Pedestals Displays Set

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Add some texture to your display with the Ring Pedestals Display Set. It includes four pedestals of different heights, with the tallest at two and a half inches, and the shortest at about one and a half inches. This set is perfect for bridal ring sets, as well as his and hers wedding ring sets.

The Ring Pedestals Display Set is available in linen in a natural ecru color.

Acrylic Ring Square Display Set

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To add a sparkle to your display, you can opt for this Acrylic Ring Square Display Set. It includes three clear stands in varying heights with the tallest at about two inches and the shortest at an inch. The acrylic sparkles beautifully when hit with light and can definitely catch the attention of potential customers. This display set is perfect for showcasing minimalist wedding bands without stones.

The Acrylic Ring Square Display Set is only available in clear acrylic.

Wooden Two-Ring Display

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Traditional doesn’t have to be boring. This Wooden Two-Ring Display is a gorgeous take on wooden ring displays. It can clip two bridal rings side-by-side. This display is three and a half inches long and has a height of an inch. It is perfect for a his and hers wedding band set, or for separating a set of an engagement ring and a wedding band.

The Wooden Two-Ring Display is only available in rosewood.


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