3 Ways to Care for Bridal Rings

Aside from offering rings to your customers, give them some care tips for their purchases.

3 Ways to Care for Bridal Rings by Nile Corp

A woman’s bridal rings, along with other bridal jewelry are a few of her most prized possessions. These pieces symbolize her marriage to her other half and hence need to be taken care of properly. And to show customers your appreciation, offer them some friendly advice in proper jewelry care. You might just make them more loyal as well as attract more potential buyers.

Without further ado, here are three surefire ways to lengthen the lifespan of bridal rings and to keep them looking brand new.

Proper storage

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Engagement rings and wedding rings should always be properly stored in a safe place when not in use. They need to be put in a ring box where you can simply put on your dresser, or a jewelry display for easy access. A necklace display is perfect for storing rings too, as they keep them separate from other pieces which also prevent them from getting scratches.

Clean regularly

Clean your bridal rings regularly - Nile Corp

As with other jewelry pieces, bridal rings should be regularly cleaned too. Skin oil, lotion, cologne, and dirt can accumulate on the rings which tends to lessen the sparkle. Simply soak the pieces in a mild dish-washing soap and warm water solution for a few minutes. Then, scrub them with a soft bristle toothbrush. Do this gently to prevent scratching the surface and stones. Lastly, rinse them with clean tap water and dry the pieces with a lint-free cloth.

Take your rings off

Take your rings off when at home - Nile Corp

You don’t need to wear your bridal rings if you’re just going to stay at home all day. Make it habit to remove them before working out, doing household chores especially those that require the usage of chemicals, and before going to bed. Carrying heavy objects such as heavy bags might bend or worse, break the bands. Removing them not only prevents skin oil to accumulate on the rings, but it also lessens the chance of losing the stones adorning the bands.


Always keep your jewelry pieces properly stored. Check out the shop for ring boxes, necklace displays, and other jewelry displays.


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