Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Personal Space

A guide to an organized and clean bedroom this season of new beginnings.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Personal Space by Nile Corp

Spring cleaning for most of us is the most wonderful time of the year. It means serious scrubbing, de-cluttering, sorting, and organizing of your entire home. Ergo, a cleaner, happier home exuding nothing but positive vibes. To make your general cleaning easier, you should start one room at a time. And for us, the bedroom should always go first. With that said, here are some helpful tips for a more cleaner and more organized bedroom.

Cleaning supplies

Gather your cleaning supplies.

Of course, before your start with the cleaning, you have to gather your supplies first. They should include the following:
  • duster
  • mop
  • vacuum cleaner (which should include various brush attachments)
  • cleaning and polishing cloths (preferably microfiber)
  • toothbrush (for nooks and crannies)
  • all-purpose cleaners
  • garbage bags


De-clutter and put stuff you don't need up for a yard sale.

De-cluttering might be the hardest part, but you have to do it! Let go of things you do not need; include them in your yard sale, or give it to people who might need it. If you think you can repurpose it, said it aside. Put the items in a big box so it would be easier to find them later.

Organize your closet and dresser

Organize your closet and dresser

Once you have removed the stuff you don’t need, it’s time to organize your remaining possessions. For your closets set a separate space for your shoes, bags, and accessories like scarves and belts. Do not mix them all together in one area. You can hang bags on hooks, as well as your scarves and belts. If you have extra time to spare and feeling a bit obsessive with sorting, you can color code your wardrobe too!

The ceiling, walls, and windows

Clean the ceiling, walls, and windows

Wipe and vacuum the walls. Don’t forget to brush nooks and crannies like the edges of doors and windows. Pay attention to door knobs too, sanitize if needed. Dust all surfaces before cleaning the windows with a microfiber cleaning cloth. You can also use vinegar and newspaper to remove streaks.

Organize your vanity dresser

Get yourself a necklace display from Nile Corp for an organized dresser.

Remove all your makeup, tools, and brushes, as well as your jewelry. Clean the table and make sure it’s dust-free. You can get yourself a cosmetic storage case for your makeup, and a metal wire necklace display that you can use as an all-purpose jewelry organizer for a clutter-free table. Lastly, wipe the mirror clean with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Your bed

Change the bedding and flip over the mattress of your bed.

Remove the dirty sheets, comforter, and pillow cases and toss them in the washer. Flip your mattress over before putting on new and fresh bedding. Flipping it will ensure its nice shape and will make it last longer. Oh, and you can dust it with baking powder too to remove any odor.

The floors

Vacuum or sweep your bedroom floor thoroughly.

Finally, when everything is clean, it’s time to remove all the dust and dirt that fell to the floor. If your floor is carpeted, thoroughly vacuum it, including underneath the bed and other furniture. Move them around if needed. You can opt to use carpet shampoo if it is really dirty. Sprinkling the carpet with baking soda can remove odor. On the other hand, wooden floors need some serious sweeping and mopping, especially in areas near the door and bed.


Got any other tips for spring cleaning your bedroom?


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