5 Beautiful Spring-inspired Jewelry Displays

Usher in the spring feeling with these gorgeous jewelry displays.

Whether you are a jewelry seller or a lover of jewelry, organizing your collection should be a priority. You can’t have a boring and messy booth in craft shows as this will shun away potential customers, same goes for jewelry stores. Aesthetics are always a priority, especially if you are a startup business. As for your home, make it easier for you to find your favorite necklace or bracelet with an organized jewelry collection.

With that said, we will be highlighting five spring-inspired jewelry displays that will make any booth, jewelry store, or bedroom give off that fresh vibe customers will love.

Fabric Mini High Heel Ring Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Mini High Heel Ring Display

This is one of our lovely ring displays that exudes a French old world romantic feel. The elegant Fabric Mini High Heel Ring Display will catch looks at any jewelry store or craft show booth. And, it also doubles as a home decor! This sold poly resin-made ring display can hold eight rings separately and can hold earrings as well.

Fabric Covered Doll Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Doll Display

Here’s a necklace display boasting a vintage romantic feel that will remind you of afternoons in Paris. The design of this Fabric Covered Doll Display is similar to that of the ring display above, and will look good together. It features the same floral, stripe, and polka dot pattern the ladies would love. This display does not only hold necklaces but also bracelets and earrings.

Fashion Bracelet T-Bar Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Fashion Bracelet T-Bar Display

The Fashion Bracelet T-Bar Display is perfect for your bracelets and bangles. It’s another vintage spring-inspired piece that will appeal to your female customers. This exquisitely-designed display can be used to showcase wristwatches or even necklaces with thin chains.

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

This display may not be floral, but its color reminds us of spring. The Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin features a yellow star pattern on the sea green fabric. Spring is all about pastel and earthy tones and this display fits in perfectly. It is ideal for holding bracelets or chokers.

Fabric Covered Mini Bust Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Mini Bust Display

The Fabric Covered Mini Bust Display is another piece that can hold bracelets and necklaces. It gives off a glamorous vibe because of the white floral print on the light olive green fabric. Its dark wooden stand was made to look worn for that vintage Hollywood feel. This display also doubles as a home decor, perfect for homes with an old world theme.


Love to see more spring-inspired jewelry displays for your store or home? Browse the shop for more!


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