Make Your Display Stand Out in Trade Shows This Spring

Trade shows and craft fairs are the ideal places to set up your necklace display and other pieces are key to getting the business you want. During trade shows, you’re going to be putting in time and money so it’s important to maximize the return on that investment.

No matter what, trade shows and craft fairs are going to make you money, but maximizing your profits by having the best display at the show will make you stand out to your potential clients. When designing the layouts and displays for your booth, it’s vital to reflect your brand identity.

Creativity is Important

With the various products displayed at trade shows, it can be hard to stand out. But with the right jewelry display and creative booth layout, you too can draw the crowd in. When thinking of a creative booth design, think of a layout that will look clean, warm, and give the potential clients that will walk-in a pleasant environment. This spring, ideal themes are Coachella, florals, greens, and the beach.

Remember to plan ahead. Make a mock-up of what the actual booth is going to look like and take note of how people move around. Take a picture of your proposed jewelry display. Once you’re comfortable with this design, invite a few friends to give you some feedback.

The planning may take several hours to complete, but with a solid plan your trade show booth is going to be all set.

The Guide for Setting Up

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Regardless of your design, there are some guidelines that you still have to follow which will help your business stand out at the show:
  • There should be enough space for people to comfortably walk around
  • Have sufficient lighting available for the booth, especially in the areas with the jewelry display.
  • The walls should look clean and consistent.
  • Your jewelry display should be the focal point.
  • There should be signs and advertisements that indicate your company name, your brand, and your products.
  • Make sure that your products are tagged with prices so you wouldn’t have to keep checking a price listing, especially when the booth is packed with clients.
  • Have collections ready that are made up of your best sellers and special offers.
  • Be consistent with your spring theme.
A successful trade show can mean everything for a business. Not only will it generate revenue, it can help your business in the long run if you can attract return customers that trust your brand and your products. Good luck on your trade show!


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