5 Spring Fashion Styles for 2017

Excited for spring? Get inspiration from these five style bloggers and their spring styles!

The season of bloom is a few weeks away, and some of us just can’t wait for it! Looking through Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts, and style blogs, I noticed that most of the fashion bloggers are preparing for Spring. Inevitably, the blooms are out on the runway in the form of dresses and accessories. That said, here are five of our favorite looks for you to draw inspiration from as early as now.

Cortney Dryden | @cortneydryden

Source: Cortinsession.com
Source: Cortinsession.com
Cortney Dryden is a style blogger and marketing director from Charlotte, North Carolina. In these photos, she wore a gorgeous pleated floral skirt which I absolutely love, a denim jacket over a white tank top, and a pair of strappy heeled sandals. And to top off her look, she wore a chunky chain bracelet on her right wrists, layered bracelets on her left wrist, a minimalist geometric ring and a statement bow ring. Her lovely fuchsia pink bag matches her wardrobe and is very eye-catching.

Kelssey Layton | @kelsslayt

Source: Styledblonde.com
Believe it or not, classic stripes are also perfect for spring. Kelssey Layton, a style blogger based in Oklahoma City, has nailed this spring look. She wore a soft pink cardigan over a casual stripe dress and a pair of gold glitter sneakers which definitely make a statement! Kelssey accessorized with a bold pair of fuchsia chandelier earrings and a gold bangle and watch. To add an element of spring, she brought a gorgeous roses bag that perfectly matches her earrings.

Lyndsey | @overmystyledbody

Source: Overmystyledbody.com
This floral romper is perfect for the ladies who love bold patterns in a dress but want to move around better. Lyndsey, a style blogger from Canada, wore this long-sleeved romper with a dusty pink suede biker jacket. She added a bit more edge to her feminine look with a pair of black cutout booties and a black leather bag. Since the romper is the statement piece in this style, she didn’t wear too much jewelry, just a minimalist ring on her left finger.

Jamie Kidd | Thebloggingjay.blogspot.com

Source: Thebloggingjay.blogspot.com
If you want floral dresses that aren’t too loud, you can never go wrong with a white slip dress with floral embroidery. Jaime Kidd from Australia rocked this lovely dress! She wore a pair of white sandals and a beach straw hat. Jamie accessorized with gorgeous beaded pendant necklaces and bracelets. She adorned her index finger with a minimalist silver ring that matches the crescent moon pendants.

Julia Hengel | @juliahengel

Source: Galmeetsglam.com

Pastels and mint are perfect for spring. This floral maxi dress worn by Charleston style blogger, Julia Hengel is lovely! You can wear it on either a casual or dressy occasion, it’s just a matter of how you accessorize. For this look, Julia wore it with strappy heels and a tote for a dressy style. She also accessorized minimally; she wore a minimalist ring on her right hand to match the bridal rings on her left.


Florals are definitely the way to go if you want to embrace the season of bloom. Pick the most feminine pieces from your jewelry display and jewelry organizers on your dresser and style your wardrobe like a pro!


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