5 DIY Vintage Jewelry Display Ideas

Go for a jewelry display with an old world charm that will look lovely all-year-round.

Try these DIY Vintage Display Ideas by Nile Corp
Source: Flickr.com | Lucy Curtis
Vintage is a style loved by many, especially the hopeless romantics and the old souls. I myself is a lover of this style, as it reminds me of the old world charm that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Vintage designs are so appealing, and they are perfect themes to use in a jewelry display.

Attract more customers with these DIY vintage jewelry display ideas that will make them come back and purchase more of your products.

Picture frames

Try these 5 DIY Vintage Display Ideas by Nile Corp
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These frames don’t need to be antique, as long as the design is vintage-inspired, it will do. My favorite are those frames with intricate filigree designs. The small square ones are perfect for small pieces like earrings and brooches and are great for highlighting such pieces. The large, round and mirror-like ones are perfect for necklaces and bracelets. You can also pin lace or mesh behind the frame so you can hang pairs of earrings as well.

Old mannequins

Try these DIY Vintage Display Ideas by Nile Corp
Source: Flickr.com | Lucy
Antique dress forms remind of the glory days of Parisian high fashion in the 50s. It will make you think about vintage haute couture that focused on sophistication and femininity. Long full skirts and dresses were made to emphasize a small waist and full busts. That said, they are great displays for vintage pieces such as heirloom pearl necklaces and vintage brooches.

Antique China

Try these DIY Vintage Display Ideas by Nile Corp
Source: Superficialgirls.com
Antique China is one of the most beautiful displays you can ever use to showcase your jewelry. It works not only with heirloom pieces, but also with modern designs. Use the dinner plates for necklaces and bracelets, and use the salad plates for brooches, rings, and earrings. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can make a two-tier jewelry stand by gluing a vintage brass candlestick in between the two plates.

Old luggage

Try these DIY Vintage Display Ideas by Nile Corp
Source: Honeygirlstudio.blogspot.com
This will appeal to your wanderlust customers. Decorate the old luggage with a Parisian theme, or rockabilly-themed photos. You can attach crossbars and pegs inside where you can hang the bracelets and necklaces. Add mesh or lace for the pairs of earrings. Push pins or pegs may hold the rings. Alternatively, you can just keep the luggage closed, and simply place the necklaces and other jewelry pieces on top of it.

Vintage-inspired jewelry organizers

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Metal Heart Shape Jewelry Display Organizer from Nile Corp
Jewelry organizers aren’t just for your dresser, they can also be used to showcase pieces in craft shows and jewelry shops. These organizers are usually made from metal, and they come in many designs and colors, including a vintage-inspired style. Choose organizers with soft colors, such as powder blue, baby pink, or white. Organizers in metallic colors such as bronze and gold look great too.


What’s your favorite among the five jewelry displays? Let us know in the comments below!


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