5 Alternative Ways to Use Wall Hooks

Be creative and maximize the use of your coat hooks with these simple hacks.

How to maximize the use of coat hooks

Almost every home on the planet has wall hooks in them. They are used mostly for hanging coats and clothes and are usually located in bedrooms and walls near doors. But did you know that there are exciting and alternative ways to use them? This week, we will be sharing with you five alternative ways you can use wall hooks.

Jewelry display for the artsy-fartsy

Perfecting the Jewelry display for the artsy-fartsy
Source: Girlinthegarage.net 
Wall hooks can be used as a jewelry display. Necklaces, in particular, can be hung on these hooks. Instead of keeping them in your drawers with all your other stuff, hang them on the wall. You can also get to organize them by length and color. Making them as jewelry displays will also lessen the risk of getting tangled chains or misplacing your favorite necklaces. And, if the hooks are small, you can also hang your fashion rings, thin bracelets, and even scrunchies.

Cord and cable organizer for the music lover

DIY Cord and cable organizer for the music lover
Source: Facebook.com | @Celestion 
Neatly hang your wires and cables in wall hooks, so you won’t trip on them. As with necklaces, you also don’t have to waste your time untangling them. This is an excellent idea for fairy lights as well. Two hooks are enough, and you can even add a bit of fun by sticking a photo of Bob Marley or Whoopi Goldberg on the wall to make the cables look like their hair!

Kitchen utensils organizer for the cooking enthusiast

Kitchen utensils organizer for the cooking enthusiast
Source: Homedit.com 
If space is an issue when it comes to kitchen utensil storage, you can use your wall hooks as a kitchen organizer. Hang your pots and pans, pot holders, and other kitchen utensils in these hooks which you can place inside cabinet doors or the kitchen. Plus, they’re within reach, and you don’t have to search for a utensil inside a cupboard full of canned food and more pots and pans.

Garden tool organizer for the gardening enthusiast

Garden tool organizer for the gardening enthusiast
Source: Gardenista.com
Most garden tools are big, and it has always been difficult to store them. Organize your garage or shed with the help of your handy wall hooks. Tools usually have holes at the end of their handles so you can easily hang them there. Place tools you often use so you can easily get them when needed. 

Tablet holder for the techie

Tablet holder for the techie
Source: Doityourselfrv.com
Tablet holders are perfect for those who love to watch videos on their tablets. However, you need to make sure that the hooks are plastic or have a smooth texture to prevent scratches on the screen. They need to be small in sizes too for a perfect fit. Otherwise, you might end up breaking your gadget. Hooks used as tablet holders are also great in the kitchen when cooking recipes online, or the bathroom while you take a warm, relaxing bath after a long day.

These are just some of the many hacks you can do with your wall hooks. And if you need to get yourself one, feel free to check out the shop at Nilecorp.com


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