4 Easy Ways to Organize your Jewelry

Never have to unearth your jewelry under piles of stuff!

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If you own a lot of jewelry pieces, keeping track of all of them and organizing them may be a bit of struggle. The smaller pieces such as earrings and rings have the highest risk of getting lost, necklace chains and bracelets may get tangled, and bangles are too chunky and bulky to keep in small jewelry boxes.

That said, we will be discussing this week four ways on how to store and organize your jewelry. Never have to unearth an earring under piles of stuff with the help of these simple tips.  

Get yourself a jewelry display.

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Displays don’t have to be limited only to stores, you can also use them to organize your jewelry. This is especially ideal for those who own a lot of pieces so you can quickly find that necklace you want to wear.   There are lots of displays to choose from. For your necklaces, you can get the black velvet stand. For your bracelets, you can get the T-bar display, and tree stands for your earrings.  

Get yourself a jewelry organizer.

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The easiest way to store jewelry is by keeping them in ready-made jewelry organizers. There are so many options to choose from; you can get ones made from wood, acrylic, metal, and faux leather.   Those made from wood are the traditional kind of jewelry box some are musical too. Faux leather boxes are stylish, acrylic organizers are ideal for rings and earrings, and the metal organizers are perfect for all types of jewelry pieces.  

Store them on the wall.

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If space is an issue, mounting your pieces on the wall is an excellent idea. Mounted wall hooks are not only for coats but are perfect for necklaces, bracelets, and rings too.   Another option is to get yourself wall-mounted jewelry organizers. Some double as photo frames too; a perfect way to hide your jewelry.  

Get creative.

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DIY, recycle, repurpose. You can organize your jewelry with basically anything with a dash of creativity! Stack your bangles and bracelets on used bottles. If you own just a few pieces, you can store your necklaces on clear glass trays and place them in drawers. Old coasters can be used as ring storage.

Which one’s your favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!


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