The Most Useful Jewelry Displays to Bring on a Trade Show

Know the most useful jewelry display for trade shows
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Attending trade shows can be quite stressful. You need to list down the inventory you’re going to bring and make sure to use the right jewelry displays to showcase them on your stall. And that’s what our article for today is about; we’re naming the most useful jewelry displays you should bring on a trade show.

Folding Jewelry Box

Folding jewelry display box, useful for trade shows

A folding jewelry box or cases are so versatile they can keep around 20 pairs of earrings or rings. They are easy to carry, and the best part is you can also use them to transport your jewelry. They can keep your jewelry safe while traveling to the tradeshow. And once you’re there, you can easily unfold them to showcase the jewelry collection it beholds.

Pad Display

Pad jewelry display, a useful display for trade shows

Jewelry pad display is simple, small, and space efficient. The best ones are those made from velvet since they offer a beautiful way to display your jewelry. Aside from velvet jewelry pads, there are pads on the market that are available in various colors. You can play with these pads to offer something unique to the tradeshow.

Earring Stand

Earring Stand Jewelry Display for Trade Shows

Earring Stand is important to showcase the most valuable and beautiful earrings in your collection. They should stand out from the other displays so that customers can easily spot the jewelry you're selling.  If possible, select a unique-designed earring stand to bring in the tradeshow. Remember that a beautiful jewelry display plays a significant role in attracting the customer’s attention.

Chain Pad with Snaps and Hook

Using chain pad jewelry displays for trade shows

Chain Pads are essential to bring in any tradeshow. Just make sure to buy those with snaps and hook so you can easily hang your jewelry and bracelets. They are also easy to carry, and you won’t have a problem loading them to your luggage since they are usually thin and light.

T-Bar Display

T-Bar Jewelry Display

T-Bar Displays are the perfect jewelry display to showcase your bracelets. They are the usual display used by jewelry designers to sell their creations at trade shows and conventions. Although they are quite bulky, you can pick T-Bar displays made from linen material or velvet. They are quite light compared to the wooden ones.

Display Trays

Using jewelry display trays for trade shows

Display trays come in many forms from utility tray, lid tray, ring tray, flocked tray liner, and compartment liner trays. They are all light and easy to travel with. However, unlike pad display, you must keep your jewelry from a separate compartment to keep them safe. If you’re going to use display trays, make sure to bring carrying cases.

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