The Best Autumn Inspired Jewelry on Pinterest

One smart way to make sure your store will stand out this season is to offer unique autumn-inspired statement jewelry to your customers. Look at some of these charming and dashing jewelry pieces that were inspired by leaves, pumpkins, and acorns.

Celtic Autumn Fall Earrings

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The Celtic Autumn Fall Earrings are certainly eye-catching with its dangling style and geometric designs. These seasonal earrings are made of antique brass Celtic knot charms with falling autumn leaves. It is also accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals. This dashing pair of earrings is made by Silvaris Rose and is available on

Oak Leaf Earrings

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This handmade jewelry is the perfect earrings to wear this season. They feature beautifully detailed brass oak leaves in a dangling design. Each earring has a larger and a smaller oak leaf dangling from a gold plated over brass wires. They made by an Etsy user named LeChaim and is available for $24.

Autumn Leaf Pendant

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Straightforward but unique, this Autumn Leaf Pendant will leave you breathless. It features a real resin autumn leaf in a circular pendant on a silver chain. This one of a kind necklace is hard to find nowadays and is truly a statement piece to wear on casual occasions.

Glass Acorn Pendant

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These Glass Acorn Pendant actually is made with real acorn caps, making them a truly unique autumn accessory to wear. They come in various designs and can be used as pendants or a charm to adorn your bracelets. Some of its designs even have an encased copper leaves. This handmade jewelry is made by Bullseye beads.

Autumn Leaves Bracelet

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A vintage-inspired jewelry bracelet, it is made of brass wires with leaf knots and old orange beads. This handmade bracelet is truly gorgeous and eye-catching. I’m not exactly sure if it's for sale, but the pin was posted by Jane Stewart. You can check out the original link here.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Necklace

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This Pumpkin Thanksgiving Necklace features a warm orange pumpkin carved carnelian that hangs from a curly vine. It's orange shade even changes against different backgrounds. Use it as a Halloween accessory when dressing up as a witch or gothic. It's the perfect Halloween-inspired jewelry to flaunt this November.

Just remember that any stunning jewelry needs a beautiful jewelry display to stand out. For more unique autumn-inspired jewelry, check out


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