Jewelry Packaging Ideas for this Autumn Season

Aside from decorating your jewelry store for Autumn, it is also a smart move to incorporate this season’s theme with your packaging. It gives off a special feeling to your customers and a way to attract more people to your store. Here are some jewelry packaging ideas you can use for this season.

Use burlap or linen pouches. 

Use burlap or linen pouches

Burlap and linen bags are perfect packaging to use. It has the right material and texture you can incorporate with the season. Be creative and add decorations on the bags, making it your own. Add pieces of leaves or other decorations that are connected to Autumn such as acorn dried hydrangeas or mini pumpkins.

Add decorations on your paper gift bags.

 Add decorations on your paper gift bags

Create your own paper gift bags by adding your own touch to its design. Cut off pictures of symbols associated with the season and paste it on the paper gift bag. You can also have your gift bags printed with a “Happy Halloween” or “Happy  Thanksgiving” greeting. This makes your packaging a little more special for your customers.

Use wooden jewelry boxes.

Use wooden jewelry boxes

Wood, trees, leaves and anything associated with the soil are the theme you should stick with if you want to incorporate an autumn theme to your jewelry store. That’s why choosing wooden jewelry boxes as your jewelry packaging is a smart move to go with the theme. You can also put a brown or golden ribbon around it with a small pumpkin decoration to commemorate the season.

Prefer gold tote bags.

Prefer gold tote bags

Gold tote bags features the perfect color associated with Autumn’s fallen leaves. You can also add special messages or greetings to its design. Cut off pictures or shapes of pumpkins, acorns, or anything associated with the season, and place it in the tote bag for an added design. You can also use these tote bags until Christmas.

Go with vintage-design jewelry boxes. 

Go with vintage-design jewelry boxes

Vintage-style Jewelry boxes are perfect to go with the feelings of Autumn such as melancholy and reminiscence. Use this to characterize your jewelry packaging. There are several vintage-style jewelry boxes on the market you can use. Stick with jewelry boxes with golden accentuated features or wooden-style designs.

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