How to Perfectly Display Your Ring Collection

How to Perfectly Display Your Ring Collection
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One sure way to sell your products is by displaying them correctly. And this rule applies to all jewelry you sell especially rings. If you’re having trouble selling your ring collection, then you might want to check out these tips.

Find the perfect angle.

Just like in photographs, you need to market your rings by displaying them in the most attractive way. Know which angle looks perfect for the rings you are selling. It usually depends on the design, the type of stone that adorned the ring and its cut. Professional jewelers suggest that rings with round brilliant cut especially those with diamonds are best displayed when angled 45 degrees from the light source.

The use of the right ring display.

If you want to showcase your ring, then you must use the right jewelry display to emphasize the beauty of the jewelry. This also means you should consider the color of the display you’re going to use to showcase the rings. Black jewelry displays are perfect for silver pieces, while white displays will work well with gold rings. Try using risers or acrylic ring stands instead of using the usual ring displays. They provide something new for the customers to look at.

Never make the mistake of showing the price tags.

Always remember to never show the price tags of the rings you're displaying. These price tags can detract the beauty of the ring and can easily take the interest of the buyer when looking at it. The best thing you can do is to try and hide the price tag as best as you can when putting it on display.

The lighting matters.

In an old article, we mentioned the importance of lighting in any jewelry store. The proper lighting can do wonders for your jewelry especially to statement pieces adorned with gemstones or diamonds. You need to focus your light to your diamond rings for them to shine brighter and catch your customer's attention. Your jewelry rings must sparkle and should not cast any shadow. For more lighting tips, you can read this article

Make sure to show the maximum surface of the ring.

According to Ovadia Corp Blog, it is best to show the maximum surface of the rings you’re selling especially those with intricate bands. Make sure to choose jewelry displays that will be able to showcase this characteristic. Risers work best for showing your customers the exact surface of the ring and its entire design. Just make sure to pick risers that will blend perfectly with the other jewelry displays in your store.

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