Things to Avoid in a Jewelry Display

Know the things to avoid in a jewelry display

In a lot of our blog posts, we've discussed what you're supposed to do in setting up a jewelry display. Now, we will talk about what not to in setting up your jewelry display.

Every time someone wants to show their pieces, they have to come up with different ways for people to notice it. Unless you make your own unique jewelry, you have to make sure that your displays complement what you want to show. It shouldn't overpower your pieces but at the same time, it should still stand out since displays help in getting it noticed.

Things to remember and avoid in displaying your jewelry

Bad Lighting

Do not use bad lighting on a jewelry display

Light is necessary in displaying beautiful things, especially shiny ones. But too much or too little light can impair how people will see your jewelry.

If there is too much light on it, it might brighten the piece a lot then add up all your pieces. That would definitely be blinding and might even give potential customers headaches. And avoid your store/stall in general. 

If there isn't enough light, a lot of things will be missed. No one will see how well it glistens and how it looks under good light. You need to show the effect your pieces will have when worn. Bad lighting will take away all of that.

You need to play around with the brightness of the light, the amount of shade and even the colors of the light to make your pieces come out.

Not allotting enough space

No Enough Space for a Jewelry Display

You have to create the idea that each piece is unique. Adjusting space for each jewelry piece insures the eyes of your customers wouldn't be overwhelmed.

That's why necklace display stands are designed that way. It shows how the necklace would fall on the neck. It also makes the piece be noticeable from afar.

If all your pieces are too close to each other, that will appear to be messy and create visual disturbance for your potential customer. That might turn them off.

Not adding colors to you display

Not adding colors to you display

Colors attract people. You need to have colors in your display. A bland and dull showcase is easily noticed, you can consider your display ignored.

And don't overdo it. Learn what colors would work well with your pieces and use that to your advantage.

Use bold colors to enhance your jewelry. And in effect, that can make your stand/stall look better. 

Just don't forget to make sure the colors you pick will work with the lighting you have for your showcase.

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