The best colors for your jewelry display

The best colors for your jewelry display
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Every business is difficult and cutthroat. You need every advantage to get a leg up on the competition. From psychology, architecture and even interior design, all these are utilized by jewelry stores to make their magic. First impressions last and most people notice color above everything else when they encounter anything. It's true that color trends keep changing based on the season but color psychology is constant. You can create any feeling or target a kind of shopper when you design your store or necklace displays.

Here's a quick guide on color impact

quick guide on color impact
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A great color for setting up your outside displays or even signage. Something quick and noticeable from afar.


Red is perfect for clearance sales but you can also use it special occasions that require gifts like Christmas or Valentines.


Blue would be a great color for the velvet beds or necklace displays of your best sellers. Make them likable with that color.


Green would be the right color to display your set sales. Like combination of necklace and earring display. Or even your more high-end ones, the ones that tend to intimidate buyers. 


Use Orange for your ads and flyers, be it in real life or online. Plus orange is eye-catching without being too muddled.


Pick Pink for your packaging. It will easily catch the attention of people and will spark curiosity. Excellent packaging, especially as gifts, in pink would make it cherished and memorable.


Black is another color to display your high-end and luxury items. Plus, black would make any jewelry pop out because of the contrast the black creates for the pieces.


Purple serves the same purpose as Green so it can be a good alternative if you don’t like that color. It can also be a lot like Pink, great for packaging and wrapping. A lot of different clothing stores, fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, and shoe outlets use colors to their advantage. Realizing the power of color has on the mind of potential customers. The colors can even be used in combination so use the advantages of the different colors. Playing around season-specific colors helps in creating a mental need for your products.

Color Association

Color Association
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Color is a powerful trigger for ideas, memories, and feelings. You can capitalize on that with the right color for your jewelry display. You can plan everything out in your store just by color alone. You can even design all your stands and promotional materials based on season or special events. One thing you have to learn is how to combine the right colors. Certain colors can work with others but might have a negative effect with the rest. Understand how to combine colors in the right amount and you can create an eye-catching store and displays that can help you get potential buyers. 


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