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How to handle with care your jewelry
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People are natural collectors. From stuffed toys to books, and yes, jewelry. There are two important aspects to it. Budget and care. You need a budget to afford even the starting pieces of your jewelry care. And care, jewelry is still bound for damage if you don't take care of it. Care is even more important if you don't have much of a budget. If you can't add to your collection, at least make sure that you maintain your collection.

And don’t forget, most collections are also an investment. So consider taking care of your collection as a way to protect your investment.

A lot of ways to take care of your jewelry goes without saying but better said than sorry.

Wearing Jewelry

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In any given day, millions of people wear a variety of jewelry as an accessory. And with that comes the possibility of getting so used to it that people forget that they are wearing it. That can be problematic.

Doing tasks and chores

When you do chores and tasks, you run the risk of physical and chemical damage. You may hit places that might damage and dent the pieces, even chip any rocks on it. At the same time, if you use cleaning agents, it might affect the pieces. Just always remember to remove jewelry when doing any major physical work.

Preparing to go out

Hair, skin and makeup products might contain chemicals that affect jewelry negatively. So it's advisable to put your jewelry after your beauty regimen. Lessen the chances for exposure.

Swimming and Spas

Chlorine causes discoloration with certain metals and might even cause structural damage. Always take them off before jumping in.


Similar to doing chores, there is a chance that a slip or a hit might damage your jewelry. And you might even hurt yourself or someone else.


Always remove your jewelry when bathing, soap and shampoo can cause a thin film to form that can potentially damage your pieces, or at least make it dirty looking.

Cleaning Jewelry

How to clean your piece of jewelry
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Cleaning your jewelry is important. You remove any and all materials that will cause it harm and make it lose it's shine.


It's highly recommended to get professional jewelry polishing cloths to guarantee it's effectiveness. Other materials might cause scratches due to the fibers in them.


You can purchase commercial cleaners or go online to see how you can make one yourself. Rubbing alcohol is surprisingly good but avoid bleach. Bleach can destroy jewelry without a doubt.


When you clean it, always check your pieces. Make sure that nothing is out of place or check for signs of damage. Better see it happen before it does rather than have it happen and you might not be able to salvage it.

Professional help

When you are uncertain, you can go to a jeweler to have it cleaned, and even repaired, just in case.

Storing Jewelry

Know the perfect jewelry display for your jewelry

Another way to guarantee the safety and care of your items is to store it well. It keeps it organized and also makes sure that you can easily access them.
Make it Secure
Store it in a nice and sturdy container. You can spend on jewelry boxes or even shoe boxes with fabric lining. Investing in good jewelry displays for your necklaces, earrings, and anything else will return your investment immediately with how much you end up protecting it.

Make an inventory

Items can get displaced. Keeping an inventory will be useful in making sure that everything is intact. And it becomes more useful if it gets stolen as you can prove that it was there. 


There's a lot more to go on when it comes to jewelry care but what was mentioned above is an excellent start. Securing your jewelry is securing your investment. And in the end, it’s up to you how much you want to take care of it.


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