Essential Tools for Making your Own Jewelry Display

How tos and needed tools in making jewelry display jewelry
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Do you have the tools necessary to make your own jewelry display? Having a list of the needed tools is a good start before you spend a lot of money buying the "best". There are a lot of tools to go for and expensive doesn't mean that's what you should buy it. 

1. Flat nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

 This tool is your primary tool for almost everything you need to do. It opens jump rings, completes wire-wrapped ends, and a lot of other basics. It's better to buy two, you'll need the other to grasp so you won't leave a crimp in the metal. 

2. Round nose pliers

Round nose pliers
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This is essential in making loops, hoops, bends, clasps and jump rings. It helps you in making a nice and smooth curve. 

3. Nylon tipped pliers

Nylon tipped pliers
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Wire wrapping takes a bit of time to master but it's something that you need to learn. It helps you get the kinks out of the material. Some of those kinks are almost impossible to remove without the grip of a nylon tip. Once you try it, you'll understand. 

4. Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters
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Buy a pair of this and you reduce your jewelry-making dilemmas by a lot. There are different kinds of wire cutters that can cut through different wire thickness. It's a good idea to know the limits of your cutters, to make it last longer. It's a great investment for making jewelry. 

5. Just the basic materials

Just the basic materials
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When you're starting, you are better off in buying less expensive materials. So you have more room (and budget) for mistakes. Which are inevitable when you're just starting. Copper and other base metal wires are good for practice when you plan on working on silver or gold fills. You're better off making mistakes on regular metals than feel like you wasted money on gold fills. 

6. A Ruler

A Ruler
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You most likely have this tool already but it's worth mentioning because of it's importance to the process. You need to make accurate measurements all the time. Jewelry making isn't something you can guess-timate. 

7. Your creativity and imagination

Your creativity and imagination
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Making jewelry won't get anywhere if you don't know what you want to do. Most times as well, you will need to create a makeshift tool that doesn't have a real version of it. You can make your own custom tools for purposes that tool makers didn't think of making. Don't be afraid to experiment on making regular objects work for you. 

8. A Display

A Display
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As soon as you finish your work, you won't just toss it in a haphazard and wait for the others to finish before placing them on display. This would be a bad idea. It's recommended that you place it on the jewelry display so it's placed in an optimal position. Also, it's a great way to remind you of your work and consistency. 


That's a great start for your tool box. As you get better, you will need more specific tools. Just take it from there. Oh yeah, don't forget to get yourself a tool box. 


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