The Best Lighting Tips for Your Jewelry Store

Creating the best lighting and jewelry display for your store
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The most common mistake jewelry shop owners make is paying little attention to lighting. Lighting is actually an important marketing tool to showcase your jewelry collection. It helps highlight the jewelry's elegance and its look to the customers. 

● LED lights can do wonders to your shop and merchandise.

Although LED lights are more pricey, they last longer than regular light bulbs. These lights are the most efficient form of lighting. They also come in several shades of white and are perfect for your shop's overhead lighting. 

● Lighting on your diamonds is everything.

Focus the light on your diamonds and watch them stand out from the rest. Cool white is the perfect shade to use for your diamonds. 

● The heat and color of the light matter.

When choosing light bulbs make sure that their color and heat can highlight the features of your jewelry merchandise. For gold jewelry, select a warmer shade of white. For silver, diamonds, and gemstone jewelry pick a cool white shade. 

● Showcase lighting plays a crucial role.

In-case lights highlight the jewelry design. The jewels should sparkle at their best with this type of lighting and they don't cast any shadows. 

● Overhead lighting should be consistent.

The best way to light your products is from above. Focus lighting on the gemstones and select a consistent color to showcase similar collections. 

● Make sure that your lighting doesn’t cast any shadows.

Be sure to check the positions of your jewelry displays, mirrors, and reflectors. Shadows are the last thing your customers should see. Good lighting is an investment. Proper lighting can give your store an edge over your competitors. Buying quality lighting bulbs and reflectors will benefit your business in the long run.


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