5 Awesome Tips to Attract Jewelry Buyers

Jewelry display an effective way to attract jewelry buyers.

When it comes to marketing, the way you display your product plays a big role in attracting possible buyers. The same thing goes for marketing jewelry. There are a few effective ways you can do to improve your jewelry displays and attract buyers.

● Find the perfect balance between style and restraint.

The classic mistake most retailers make is displaying too many items in a single display case. Organize your displayed jewelry by keeping a consistent look across textures, colors, shapes, and style. Be creative with the props and backgrounds you use in your jewelry displays. For ideas, you can always look at catalogs that feature women’s jewelry and fashion.

● Improve the visual interest of your jewelry store.

One effective way of improving your store’s visual interest is by adding height variation on your display. It takes the monotony out of the usual tabletop displays and allows your customers’ eyes to scan from one piece to another. You can also try putting items and displays at unusual angles.

● Strategic product placement plays a big role in your visual marketing.

Know what your best selling products are and present these items in the most visually enhanced displays. Another tip is to display your products as though telling a story. A good jewelry display should be able to reflect the characteristic and style of the jewelry line.

● Jewelry displays should only be secondary to the displayed jewelry.

Use nice jewelry displays as long as they don’t steal the scene from the jewelry itself. The displayed jewelry should stand out as the star attraction of the display, not the other way around. Your jewelry should stand out from any props or backdrops.

● Proper lighting should bring out the shine in your jewelry.

Good lighting can bring out the best visual appearance in jewelry. It should complement colors of the items and should make them sparkle for a glamorous effect.


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