How to Take Extra Care of Your Pearl Jewelry Collection

Take Extra Care of your Pearl Jewelry Collections
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Pearls are gems with its classic beauty that have taken the hearts of women for years. They are one of the most favored gems used to adorn jewelry of all kinds and come in ivory, black, silver, and gray hues. But pearls are extremely delicate and break easily. Here are five helpful tips on how to take care of your pearl jewelry.

● When wearing pearls, put them on last and take them off first before any other accessories.

Since pearls are organic gems, they are more fragile. They are made of calcium carbonate which makes them vulnerable to chemicals mostly found in cosmetics, hairsprays, and perfumes. Make sure to put on your lotion, perfume, and makeup before donning your pearls on.

● You only need a damp cloth when cleaning pearls.

Use a soft and lint-free cloth dampened with water to wipe each gem. Let the pearls dry before storing them away. If the dirt is too stubborn, clean them with a mild soap and water solution, or baby shampoo. Never use liquids with harsh detergent or those that contain ammonia.

● Store your pearl collection separately from other jewelry.

This is to prevent them from scratches. The best jewelry boxes are those with inner velvet lining or necklace displays that have a velvet cover. Velvet is more likely to protect your jewelry from getting any scratch. Silk bag and satin-lined pearl folders can also do the trick.

● Never use an ultrasonic cleaner for your pearls.

The cleaner's vibrations can severely damage the nacre coating of your pearls and thoroughly break them.

● Pearls need a glass of water.

This can help keep the luster of your pearls when you’re storing them in a vault or a safe. Since vaults and safes have little amount of humidity inside, the pearls may lose their luster. A glass of water will help humidify the air and slow down the dehydration of pearls.


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