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On our last article, we’ve tackled about the different types of display sets that you could use in your jewelry store. And if you have finally decided to purchase one, then here are some of the bestseller display sets from NileCorp.com which includes necklace display sets and jewelry display set alike.

Jewelry Display - Mini Furniture, 15 3/4"W x 10"D x 6"H

Jewelry Display - Mini Furniture

This Mini Furniture Jewelry Display features an adorable design of a classic-vintage furniture complete with lounge chairs, which can display up to 8 jewelry including 5 rings, 2 earrings, 1 bracelet and 1 necklace. It comes White Faux Leather with Rosewood Trim or Beige Suede with Vintage Trim, and is perfect for displaying jewelry sets. 

Display Set, 26''W x 13 3/8''D x 15''H

Jewelry Display Set, 26''W x 13 3/8''D x 15''H

This Display set features a white faux leather with glossy oak trim that can display up to 29 pieces of jewelry. These jewelry consist of 2 pendants, 2 bracelet, 10 ring, 12 base set, 2 earring and 1 necklace. It's pretty much the perfect display that can hold a large set of jewelry collection. 

White Faux Leather Display Set, 36 1/2''W x 13 3/4''D x 11 1/2''H

White Faux Leather Jewelry Display Set

This elegant display set features white faux leather that covers padded wood and cardboard display which is also adorned with rosewood-finished, wood-trims. It can display up to 33 pieces of jewelry. This display set includes four-piece base, two tall stages, two short stages, and two combination necklace busts along with one mini necklace bust.

c , 25 3/4"W x 13"D x 16 1/2"H

Watch (20) Jewelry Display Set

Want to display several watches that just came by? This wood trim display set is perfect for jewelry stores who wants to showcase their new collection of watches. It can display up to 20 watches and works well with silver and gold. 

Display Set, 27 3/4'' to 33 1/2''W x 15 1/2''D x 13 1/2''H

Jewelry Display Set, 27 3/4'' to 33 1/2''W x 15 1/2''D x 13 1/2''H

This 30-set display set comes in a steel grey faux leather w/ black faux leather trim or brown leather trim which gives off a sophisticated look. It can display up to 27 set of jewelry. The black faux display is perfect for silver jewelry while the brown-faux leather display works well with gold jewelry.


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