10 Simple and Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

10 simple and easy tips on taking care of jewelries
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Jewelry may be just an accessory for others but for those who have a hobby collecting them, each piece is a treasure they must take care of. That’s why we’re going to give some simple tips on taking care of your jewelry that are easy to remember and do.

1. The best way to clean your jewelry is using a soft cloth which is dipped in warm water with mild soap. Gently rub the lint-free cloth to your jewelry to clean it.

2. When you’re not using your jewelry then the best way to take care of them is to store them on their jewelry display boxes. This will keep them away from scratches and breakage.

3. Want to clean those diamonds? Well, why don’t you try using vodka to clean it up and clear its color? It will surely work.

4. Never wear your jewelry when swimming on outdoor or indoor pools. There are chemicals in the water that will greatly affect the color of your jewelry.

5. Temperatures can greatly affect the luster of your jewelry.

6. Save your jewelry from all kinds of chemicals. This includes lotions, perfumes and cosmetics that contain several chemicals that can affect the luster of your jewelry.

7. Heirloom jewelry like any other antique needs maintenance and to keep its luster—always take time to go to a jeweler and have your heirloom jewelry check so they can help maintain its look and luster.

8. Never wear your jewelry while taking a bath. Like it was stated earlier, chemicals such as shower gel or bathtub soap can affect its look.

9. Avoid wearing your jewelry in bed and sleeping, such action can break necklaces and bracelets.

10. Avoid cleaning your jewelry near the sink or you might end up losing a piece down the drain.


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