Different Jewelry Displays and Tips on Using Them

Jewelry displays play a lot of role for a jewelry shop to attract customers. However, what most people doesn’t know is that there are several types of jewelry display and each of them are used in different manners. That’s why for today’s article we’re going to name several types of jewelry displays and tips on how to properly optimize them in your jewelry shop.

Mini Set Display

Mini Set Jewelry Display

Mini Set Display are perfect for jewelry shop who wants to used displays that won’t take too much space yet will be able to display many jewelry as possible. Some mini set display can even have 23 pieces or more. It’s a nice choice of display for owners who want to minimize the space they have on their jewelry retail store. 

Set Collections

Jewelry Display Set Collections

Unlike mini set display, Set Collections needs a lot of space to put up. But the best thing about them is that you can put several jewelry collection in one since it has a lot of slots to display several pieces. From earrings, necklaces and bracelets, set collections have different slots for them. Plus, it comes in different styles and designs to choose from. 


Jewelry Display Platforms

Platform jewelry displays are for jewelry shops that wants a simple yet elegant displays. It is a classic display that gives a sophisticated look. Plus, with its simple look, it can let the jewelry stand out. Platform displays works well when displaying necklaces and bracelets. 


Jewelry Display Risers

Risers are probably the opposite of platforms since they possessed a modern and minimalistic design that are very popular with jewelry shop nowadays. They work well with displaying rings and earrings due to their size. But there are also several risers made for displaying bracelets and necklaces. For jewelry shops with a modern look, risers are the perfect jewelry display to use. 

Display Pads

Jewelry Display Pads

Display pads are made ideally for small or single collection jewelry. It can easily be placed anywhere along with other display set. Most display pads are used during tradeshow events since they can easily be carried around and put on display easily. 

Slatwall Displays

Jewelry Display Pads

Slatwall displays, on the other hand, are jewelry displays that can be placed upon the wall where you can hang necklaces in the same collections. It’s for jewelry shops who wants to make use of the empty walls in their interior.


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