5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Earrings

Earring Display, One way of the 5 Easy Steps in Cleaning Your Earrings
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Cleaning your jewelry is a task you should occasionally do to keep your jewelry collection clean, so that they can maintain their luster. However, one of the hardest jewelry to clean are earrings considered that some comes in small sizes. That’s why we decided to create these 5 simple tips you can use to clean those earrings in your collection.

1. Prepare the cleaning solution.

Preparing a simple cleaning solution for your earrings is easy. All you need to do is to mix mild dish soap or baby shampoo and mix it with water in a bowl. You can also prepare another bowl with water that you’ll use in rinsing your earrings.

2. Get your earrings.

Prepare your earrings and get a clean cloth to use in the process. Also remember not to clean your earrings near the sink just in case you might drop one during the process. To thoroughly clean the earrings, you open the clasps and remove the screw from post earrings.

3. Proceed to getting your earrings cleaned.

By damping the clean cloth to the cleaning solution you had just made, gently rub each part of your earrings. You can also dip the earrings on the soap mixture then rinse the earrings in water afterwards. To clean the earrings thoroughly, you can scrub it with toothbrush then rinse it with water again.

4. Take extra care of earrings that have gem.

For earrings with organic gems or quartz, you need to clean them with extra care and use as little mild soap as possible in your cleaning solution. You should remember that these organic gems can easily be affected with chemicals from lotions, perfume and make-up.

5. Dry the jewelry and store them.

After rinsing the earrings with water, rub them with a dry cloth and lay them on a towel to dry. If there are any water spots that remained in the earring, you can easily remove them with a soft cloth. Once they are all dry, carefully store them in your earring display or jewelry box.


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