What Type of Showcase Trays to Use in Tradeshow Events

Showcase trays are often the perfect jewelry displays to use when putting up a booth during a tradeshow event. Since they are easier to assemble and organized, jewelry retailers favor this type of jewelry display out of all the others. But if you don’t have the slightest idea on what type of showcase tray then you will certainly find the info below useful. 

● Versatile Showcase Tray

Versatile Showcase Tray

Versatile showcase trays are jewelry displays that can usually handle or display a variety of jewelries from rings, bracelets to earrings and necklaces. Some showcase trays can handle just one kind of accessory but can hold up to 10 jewelries or more. These versatile showcase trays are often stackable for easy storage and carry, that’s what they are often used for tradeshows and outdoor events. 

● Slanted Display Tray

Slanted Display Tray

Like any showcase trays, slanted display tray can hold several jewelries at one time. These makes them the perfect jewelry display to use during outdoor events. The only difference the slanted display tray from the others is that it features an angle tray, giving it an appealing visuals. If you don’t like the flat visuals the other display trays has, then slanted display trays are perfect to use when displaying your main jewelry collection. 

● Curved Display Tray

Curved Display Tray

Curved display tray usually possessed a dimension visuals that works well when displaying bracelets and rings. To make the most out of its visual characteristics, you can pick out a curved display tray that can handle several rings and bracelets. There are rings display that can hold up to 20 rings or more like this Ring Tray from NileCorp, which has a dimension of 9 3/8"W x 7 3/8"D x 7/8"H and holds 23 rings. 

● Stackable Display Tray

Stackable Display Tray

Stackable display trays are perfect for people who wants to keep everything already organized before going to a tradeshow or outdoor event. What makes a stackable display tray different from other showcase trays is that it is divided in several displays which you can later stack on the tray itself. Such features allows retailers to already put on the jewelries in display then later on stack it on the tray to easily assemble and organized their jewelry for the event.


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