Antique Enamel Bronze Jewelry, Most Expensive Jewelry Display

Jewelry boxes have always been used as a tool for keeping jewelry collection safe. They come in different sizes and design. But like jewelry, some jewelry boxes are created for the sole purpose to standout. These jewelry boxes are known for their unique designs and features, and they also come in incredible prices.

Antique Enamel Bronze Jewelry Display

Just imagine a jewelry display box way expensive than a jewelry? How about a jewelry display box that costs $29,850 which is almost the same price of an 18k diamond engagement ring? Well, actually it does exist, which is currently being sell by M.S. Rau Antiques. This rare and elegant jewelry display box is the Enamel Bronze Jewelry Casket that displays an exquisite Limoges enamel artistry giving it an antique look that couldn’t be more perfect to store valuable and heirloom jewelry.

Most Expensive Jewelry Display

Created in France during the 19th century by Europe’s largest porcelain manufactory known as Limoges, the Enamel Bronze Jewelry Casket is an antique jewel box that possessed this elegant enamel artistry that Limoges is best known for. It features a deep maroon and velvet interior with a casket that has a front and side panels painted with masquerade scenes, while its rear panel is designed with a night landscape, and its lid painted with artistic allegories. Its front panel when opened reveals four drawers, all designed with floral etches that completes Victorian-reminiscence appearance. This charming jewelry box is best known for the artistic painting adorning its panels that was signed by L. Coblentz on its top panel.

As of now, the Enamel Bronze Jewelry Casket is the one of the most expensive jewelry box in the world which is offered by M.S. Rau Antiques along with its other antique jewelry boxes. With a price of $29,850, it has a width of 12” inches, a height of 10” inches and depth of 9” inches.

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